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Metro Trains abuse update

This is an update on my previous article about the astounding physical abuse of a 15 year-old girl by a Metro Trains ticketing inspector. Thank you to Dan A’Vard for permission to use the graphic. Dan started the petition on Change.org that now has over 33,000 signatures.

Unbelievable Mr Gosland

I rarely swear on social media. It is not my style. Today I saw red and I hope a lot of other people see red with me. You can look at the video directly from the link below. Wait for the second CCTV angle towards the end of the video. Then have a guess who […]

Is our children’s generation addicted to electronics?

I went to the hairdresser this morning (YAY for me!) and we were talking about the looming election and I mentioned we need to invest adequately in education for our future. “What we need to invest in”, she declared, “is get the computers out of schools and get them off phones!” My hairdresser’s admittedly anecdotal […]