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Muslims ARE speaking out, non-Muslims need to listen

Following on from previous articles in relation to the terror alert and the social ramifications in Australia: Terrorists are terrorists Australia and Torture Climate Change or Terrorism? Whichever way you look at it, this is SO wrong I would like to draw readers’ attention to examples of Muslims speaking out. The first is a video […]

Australia and corruption or integrity gone AWOL

Am I completely naive? We recognise many third world countries as having systemic corruption. We in our comparative first world luxury go so far as to look down on corrupt regimes or societies, but do we have that right? I have always believed Australia was essentially corruption-free. Of course, history says that isn’t entirely true – […]

What’s in it for ME?

Managing change is part of my day job. One of the catch phrases we use these days is “what’s in it for me”. In “selling” change in an organisation we need to show the employees, the board, the management and all other stakeholders “what’s in it for them”. If you don’t believe me, Google “change […]

The use of language in society

Several issues have arisen lately in Australia that have convinced me more than ever standards of communication are dropping.  I have previously described my dissatisfaction with Australia’s politicians: they use personal attacks that have no place in society against their opponents. We then had four specific incidents in a month here. The protest in Sydney and elsewhere […]