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Where are the adults, again?

I really am over it. Totally. Over. It. Neither of these t-shirts are appropriate in a civilised society. In my view, they mean totally different things, which I will come to, but let me re-iterate: NEITHER are appropriate! The first word on each of these t-shirts has several meanings in modern language. It can mean […]

An interview on No Fibs is a MUST READ

On April 6 I wrote “Who IS the boss around here?” This image may remind readers of one of the topics of the day. Michael Burge was also on the case, publishing the following great articles on No Fibs. You cannot burn a mummy blog Silencing the bird Michael has now interviewed the author of […]

Who IS the boss around here?

Democracy, we are told, is government of the people, by the people, for the people. Yet in the last few months it seems we are to be controlled, not governed in the true sense of a democratic society. Dear Current Government: you work for the people. Just a reminder. The first warning bells sounded with […]