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Was I too tough on Scott Morrison?

Please allow me to provide context and a sequence of events. Yesterday I saw this tweet: Scott Morriscum, arsehole extraordinaire #auspol #worstgovernmentever pic.twitter.com/wzHd3YvbzO — Shary Bobbins (@sharybobbins) February 16, 2014 My immediate response was “Oh, this couldn’t be true, it’s a mean meme.” ** Looking further afield, I started to think there may be some […]

Could he have avoided overstaying his visa?

BARRIE CASSIDY: Three days ago an Indian student took his own life at a detention centre in Melbourne. He was in that centre because he overstayed his visa. Could that have been avoided? SCOTT MORRISON: Could he have avoided overstaying his visa? BARRIE CASSIDY: Is there a better way to deal with a student who […]

Bubs Belong With Mums

Edit Nov 15: It has been reported the baby and family are now reunited, but ONLY because the baby has been discharged from hospital. No changes to policy or regulations or standing orders or whatever red tape controls these things, so what of the next case and the case after that? We need to keep […]

Would our politicians get on a boat?

I believe it is time our politicians, especially Abbott, Morrison, Rudd, Bowen and a few others, took an honest look at themselves. Whether you personally like these particular men or not, they have reached the most senior positions in Australian politics. Let me share a little secret – they didn’t get there by being gifted […]

Dear Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Dear Julie, You and I have a lot in common, I notice. I am only thirteen months older than you and we both grew up on farms: mine was sheep and cattle. We are both female, something I will look at again later. We are both degree qualified and we both work. As you know, […]

Morrison’s moral panic episode overshadows ASRC work

Scott Morrison proudly, it seems, made his major contribution to heightening the levels of moral panic in the community in relation to asylum seekers. While I have read many articles today, which I will share below, I am taking the words from his press release on his web site, http://www.scottmorrison.com.au/info/pressrelease.aspx?id=1083 A requirement to consult and notify […]