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Rape as a political tool

I shared a link on Twitter to an article in The Age today: Five men rape journalist, 22, in Tahrir Square: reports. A couple of paragraphs towards the end of the article particularly caught my eye: Although sexual harassment is not new to Egypt, suspicions abound that many of the recent attacks are organised by […]

Victim blaming or proactive precautions – trigger warning

My oldest daughter, Melanie, was raped at a party when she was 18. Her friend was the hostess. When Melanie told the friend what had happened, the response was, “Oh, he’d never do that!” Melanie got in her car and drove for hours. If her friend wouldn’t believe her, who would? She didn’t tell me, […]

We are the world

I’ve just stolen a song title, I know.  Yet it is true.  We ARE the world. Earlier in the week, Mr O was very upset at something that had happened “back home”.  During the same week, I noticed a shocking news story about pack rapes in France.  Then there was the 14 year-old shot in […]