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I’m not a scary guy

Safe in your nice living room are you? No threat of having your hand cut off at the next election? Haven’t seen your wife, sister or mother raped lately? Not about to have your house burned or bombed? What if any of this applied to you? 150 (approx) people died recently trying to find freedom and […]

Application of Stereotypes – revisited

Back in December last year I wrote about the Application of Stereotypes. All Americans have big hair and perfect teeth.  Do they?  Not in my experience. The English only bath once a week.  Highly unlikely, don’t you think? Australians are all binge drinkers.  As a nation we have a well documented problem in this regard, […]

Is the law an ass?

Charles Dickens must have felt there was some truth to the thought, as the character of Mr Bumble expresses this sentiment in Oliver Twist. I have been trying to find a way to seek restitution from the Government for the financial, emotional and physical costs incurred during our journey.  It seems that should I be […]

Reflections: Feeling The Glow Of Love… (via Mirth and Motivation)

Elizabeth published this today and it rang so true for me, for us! Please visit Elizabeth and enjoy her amazing selection of songs about love. I am certainly enjoying them immensely! “A man reserves his true and deepest love not for the species of woman in whose company he finds himself electrified and enkindled, but […]

Its Funny Cos Its True (via Tinkerbelle86’s Blog)

I loved this so much, I had to share! I feel so short of sleep lately, this is almost how I feel some days. Although I have to say now I have Mr O to warm up the bed, it isn’t exactly uncomfortable – but I still love the graph! Another classic from the funny […]

Do you need representation for a Partner Visa?

On Partner/Spouse Visa Denied? I don’t specifically recommend representation by a migration agent or lawyer for either an initial visa application or an MRT appeal.  Each couple must make their own decision.  These are my personal thoughts on this question.  I re-iterate my statement from Applying for a partner visa?: I am NOT a migration agent.  Anything I say […]