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Manus bothers me – it should bother you too

The media has been diligently reporting on the Manus Island situation. The new Minister has castigated the media for publishing false reports. Yet the Minister has provided no proof the reports are false. 'Our humanity is diminished when something like this takes place' #Manus #auspol http://t.co/oxCYjgXtBx — Welcome to Australia (@welcome2aussie) January 20, 2015

Goodies, baddies, wimps: where are the ADULTS?

Perhaps the adults are actually in Cambodia, because Australia’s supply seems to have run out! Would somebody out there like to explain, with supporting evidence, why Australia deems it appropriate to dump vulnerable people on third world countries? Manus Island hasn’t worked out so well (not like a raft of people didn’t warn it was […]

Malcolm Fraser has called for a Royal Commission

Malcolm Fraser has called for a Royal Commission into “Australia’s management of offshore asylum seeker processing”: in other words, a Royal Commission into the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. I hope he is successful and that many voices join his. This article is my way of saying, “Yes, I support Malcolm’s call”.  The Royal […]