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Tim Wilson as Human Rights Commissioner

I must say this appointment of Tim Wilson is an interesting development indeed. Let’s take a step back to January 23, 2013. “The Australian Human Rights Commission does not protect human rights and should be abolished,” Simon Breheny, Director of the Legal Rights Project at free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs will […]

Malcolm Fraser has called for a Royal Commission

Malcolm Fraser has called for a Royal Commission into “Australia’s management of offshore asylum seeker processing”: in other words, a Royal Commission into the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. I hope he is successful and that many voices join his. This article is my way of saying, “Yes, I support Malcolm’s call”.  The Royal […]

How does history get so twisted?

Last night I watched Immigration Nation on SBS One and filled in some gaps in my knowledge. For months I’ve been hearing it said on social media that Malcolm Fraser has become more humanitarian with age, he wasn’t like that when he was Prime Minister. Oh, yes he was! Whitlam allowed 1,000 and no more […]

Dear Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Dear Julie, You and I have a lot in common, I notice. I am only thirteen months older than you and we both grew up on farms: mine was sheep and cattle. We are both female, something I will look at again later. We are both degree qualified and we both work. As you know, […]

I will not be renewing my Liberal Party membership

I’ve been feeling less and less able to to support the Liberal Party for some time. I’ve reached the point where I find I cannot, in all conscience, remain a member. I was particularly disappointed in Joe Hockey’s attack on the Prime Minister over Christmas. That sort of thing just isn’t necessary in a civilised […]

R for Republic

Australia is not yet a republic, we are a constitutional monarchy. The Queen of England is our head of state. On November 6, 1999 a referendum was held to ask Australians if we wanted to become a republic. I voted no, primarily for two reasons at the time. I could see how expensive the American […]

Where are the REAL Liberals?

I received a phone call the other day from the Liberal Party asking if I was happy with my membership.  I haven’t been as active a member as I’d like, or planned to be, but anyone who follows us knows why!  There are not enough hours in the day at the moment.  That doesn’t mean […]