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Dear Joe

Dear Joe, Listen, love, I think we need to have a chat about the family budget. I know you are just learning the ropes with this money stuff and all, but you need to look at the basics. Basics always come first. I was actually rather impressed when you said the “age of entitlement” was […]

I will not be renewing my Liberal Party membership

I’ve been feeling less and less able to to support the Liberal Party for some time. I’ve reached the point where I find I cannot, in all conscience, remain a member. I was particularly disappointed in Joe Hockey’s attack on the Prime Minister over Christmas. That sort of thing just isn’t necessary in a civilised […]

Entitlement Mentality: a personal perspective

All forms of media has been nothing short of drowning in Joe Hockey’s suggestion that Australia has an entitlement mentality which needs to be cut back.  I am only going to link to one article, for the benefit of our many overseas readers, because this is my personal perspective.  I am not entering into the […]