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International Women’s Day 2015: MAKE IT HAPPEN

How would you feel if you were insulted by your partner on your birthday? Not wonderful? I didn’t think so. All Australian women should feel insulted by the Queensland LNP Women holding their International Women’s Day event at a “Men Only” club. Now, I’ve read, very carefully, Peta Simpson’s rationale for holding the event at that […]

Ernestine Johnson – for two special girls I love

What is it with religion and women?

When I was young one golden social rule was never discuss religion, politics or sex.  I’ll leave sex alone for today. EDIT: Nothing is this article is mean to detract from the many wonderful men worldwide who not only accept women as their equals but who fight for women’s rights.  I am looking at the […]

Independent Women “Syndrome”? Further attacks on women!

Today I got yet another shock.  I have written recently about attacks on women from men who live in a delusional fantasy world about the roles of the sexes in life. Dear Max Tomlinson was written in response to a particularly strange Australian and before that I wrote about the repeal of some legislation in Equal Pay […]

Equality does not mean sameness

On my recent article Bullying isn’t cool, Nancy of Spirit Lights The Way commented: When we accept ourselves “as is,” we are more able to shrug off the irrelevant opinions of others. Instead of poisoning ourselves by internalizing the hate, ignorance, and fear demonstrated by the bullies of life (who are trying to make themselves […]