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Is the Pope having an each-way bet?

I find the Pope’s opinions on two topics in particular, as reported, highly confusing and somewhat illogical. The Pope leads 1.2 billion Catholics around the world. I was very encouraged to read an encyclical will be issued on climate change. So too the promised encyclical on the environment will provide both encouragement for, and a call […]

Today’s Neros fiddle while our planet burns

Climate change. What causes it? Is it happening? Do we need to “do” anything? Carbon taxes, prices, emissions…. the questions are endless. The climate on this planet has changed in the past. There was an ice-age, you will recall. Not many humans around then, so we know some climate change is natural. Then there are the […]

Climate change becoming a human rights issue

Today in my role as the rotating curator of the @HumanrightRCur Twitter account, I shared several articles about climate change. They make interesting reading which readers of this site might also find worthwhile reading. Should the predictions of hunger and poverty prove correct, I am sure certain “levels” of society will survive, Elysium-style. Flowers like […]

That climate change stuff

Personally, I believe we are damaging our planet. I’m not here to review the MANY scientific articles on the topic – they are everywhere and almost every politician in the world has an opinion one way or the other about the scientific opinions. Then the public have opinions about the politicians’ opinions about the scientific […]