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Abbott is not amused with Triggs


So Abbott survived – for the moment

To battle we go! #libspill pic.twitter.com/mYe6oUtyfA — john shakespeare (@johnshakespeare) February 8, 2015 Interesting day. The spill motion was put and was defeated. 61 against and 39 for the motion. That’s 39% of the sitting members would like a new leader.  That means just twelve people between Abbott as Prime Minister and bye-bye Abbott. Well this […]

Religious beliefs and regional conflict

My mind has been churning since I published “Who can we believe?” yesterday. The comments on that article and interaction on Twitter made me delve deeper into the potential for conflict, which we should avoid at all costs. I have always held grave concerns about the impact Abbott’s religious fervor has on his decision-making. As […]

Who can we believe?

Edit February 06 2014: Since I wrote this on January 23 I have added links at the end of the article to later media reports. Today a new report has been published which casts further shadows on the whole debacle. Details aside, though, his account has been consistent from the first. He says he has […]

Does our Prime Minister need diversity training?

During lunch today I glanced at Twitter and noticed an exchange between @Msloulou77  and @RedRoverSays, which I responded to: