A to Z of Australia

M for Music 2

The “M” episode of Our A – Z of Australia had to be split!  This is Part II, Part I can be found at M for Music 1. An Australian artist than just cannot be ignored is John Farnham. In his younger years, he was Johnny Farnham and I still remember a early hit: Sadie, […]

M for Music 1

The tone around here has been a bit serious lately, so let’s lighten things up with a bit of Australian music.  Australia does have a thriving music industry and a rich music industry history: we have even been known to try to steal New Zealand musicians from time to time.  My focus is to share […]

L for Laconic Larrikinism

Aussies have a rep.  A couple of reps, actually.  A reputation for being laconic (I’m not, but I can be excused for having been born elsewhere) and a reputation for being larrikins.  I might have been one of those in my younger days: I am way, way too old to be one now! 😉 I […]

K for Koala

Choosing a topic for the K instalment of Our A – Z of Australia was easy.  Koala.  Oh, all right, I could have gone for Kangaroo.  That just seemed a little too easy.  Besides, I wrote about kangaroo when we had a lovely dinner. My mother chose to have her photo taken at Sydney Zoo […]

J for Jellyfish

We all like jelly, right?  At least when we were kids.  Oh, for American readers, jelly is not jam to us, although I understand it is to you.  Jelly for us is a dessert, usually served with ice-cream, especially after you’ve had your tonsils removed.  Jellyfish are amazingly beautiful creatures.  Translucent and in some cases […]

I for Immigration

Given immigration looms so large in our extended family, I felt this was an appropriate topic for the “I” article of Our A – Z of Australia.  The results of the 2011 Census are not yet available, sadly, so I am depending on the 2006 Census data for this look at Australia. Michel Lawrence spent two […]

H for Health, Home and Happiness

I had been struggling to find a suitable “H” topic for Our A – Z of Australia.  Mr O has a friend who lives in the USA and is here for a short visit to his wife’s parents.  As Mr O starts work on Monday, about the only opportunity he had to enjoy a catchup […]

G for Grass, Greenery, Gardens

Our A – Z of Australia focusses mainly on aspects of Australian life that my family find different or interesting.   One of the biggest differences between what my family are used to and Australia is the open spaces and the trees, grass and other greenery. I remember when Mr O and I drove to Daylesford the […]

F for Fair Go

If there is one thing that epitomises the Aussie spirit, it is the concept of a “fair go”.  Possibly this dates back to the first white settlers.  Many saw themselves as escaping the class system of England, where not everyone had equal opportunities.  Here they would build a new society: a society where all had […]

E for Employment – Brothel sex inspector

As we all know, Mr O received his Certificate II in Horticulture and is now seeking an adult apprenticeship.  January was very quiet on the job front as it always is in Australia.  Today there was an article about a job Mr O didn’t see when it was available (it has been filled, no pun intended).  Coming […]