A Palindromic Moment

Yesterday I lightheartedly suggested I should do something to celebrate reaching 222,222 page views as the number just seemed, to the accountant in me, to be interesting (even though we accountants like to round things to the nearest thousand).

A Twitter acquaintance took me on a mathematical learning journey I thought others might also enjoy!

Repeating numbers like 222,222 are all divisible by 37. Both the dividend and the quotient are palindromic. I had no idea what palindromic meant, so I had to resort to our old friend Google, where I discovered the meaning!

A palindromic number is a number (in some base b) that is the same when written forwards or backwards, i.e., of the form a_1a_2...a_2a_1.


What have I forgotten from school all those years ago? Seems like maybe quite a bit, as I am SURE we would have learnt this!

This web site is about to have a palindromic moment! I like it! 😀

11 comments on “A Palindromic Moment

  1. Congrats on the page views – and, indeed, that is an awesome number!


    • Thank you Matthew. I hope you and your family are all still OK and the shaking has settled!


      • Thanks. All well earthquake-wise. We thought it had settled until last Friday – then WHAM, but not too much damage. Tremors are settling again now but not holding our breath this time…White Island ‘blew’ earlier this week too – slightly – and I can’t help thinking, looking at the Christchurch experience and now the Cook Strait sequence, that something’s ‘livened up’ a bit under New Zealand of late. Unfortunately.


  2. That’s an amazing number of page views, well done!


    • I have a few pillar posts that bring at least 100 page views every day, sometimes up to 200 just for three articles. If each of those visitors bought the book, it would be amazing.

      Sadly they don’t! They glean the info and run, I think! 🙂


  3. Life is the same backwards as it is forwards.


  4. Congratulations Robyn. The same name applies to words that are the same when spelled backwards – noon, madam, level…


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