Statement of History of Relationship Partner Visa 309/100

Recently I asked a regular reader of this website what else she would like to see me write about as she expressed how helpful she had found other articles I had written.

She responded, on Why do I do this?:

In my humble opinion, I think the Statutory Declarations and Relationship Statements would be good. I, myself found that a lot of people don’t know what to write. When I sat down the other day and wrote my Relationship statement, I started writing and didn’t stop, because I kept thinking I should put this in or that, or what if they ask me about this and it just kept going.

My husband on the other hand is even more direct than me, he kept it simple and to the point.

I also receive a LOT of search terms seeking examples of Statements of Relationship, so given Yolanda’s request, here are my thoughts.  As usual, I must remind all readers I am not a migration agent and these articles DO NOT constitute formal or legal advice.  If you have any concerns about aspects of your application, you should seek professional advice.  My articles are merely intended to assist those trying to understand the bureaucratic paper warfare and point to references that may be useful!

This article also does NOT necessarily apply to arranged marriages.  I have no idea how a Statement of Relationship for an arranged marriage should be approached.  Also, this article is about the statements for the initial application, NOT the Statutory Declarations for the second stage processing (the final grant of permanent residency, sub-class 100).

While I have mentioned the Relationship History before, in Applying for a Partner Visa? (Suggestion Number 2), I haven’t gone into a lot of detail.  The reason I haven’t is because every relationship is unique.  What I wrote about my own relationship would be entirely irrelevant for Yolanda’s relationship, for example.

If seeking a template, that is easy to discuss, so let’s get that out of the way first!

Statement of History of Relationship of

Fred Jack SMITH and Sally Jane SMITH

This statement is made by Sally Jane Smith of 99 Brown Street, [Suburb]  [State].

We first met on [date]  ………..

[Write the rest of your history – see below. Remember to make it readable – paragraphs, punctuation, white space.]

Signed this ____________________ day of ______________, [year]

Sally Jane Smith

If you are submitting the Statement as a Statutory Declaration, there are Statutory Declaration templates on the web.  Google is your friend, so they say!

First, let us define “relationship”. What exactly are you writing about? I have found people do not read the detail OR do not understand the detail due to English not being their first language.  I know of one couple who thought “relationship” meant only the time between meeting and getting married.  They had mentioned NOTHING about their life together and having children!  While I am reasonably sure DIAC would have figured it out in this case as two children were included in the application, this rather major omission could have delayed processing of the application considerably while the confusion was sorted out.  You are writing about the period of time from when you met to the time you submit your application.

The DIAC website gives the following outline:

You and your partner must each provide a statement or statutory declaration regarding the history of your relationship, including:

  • how, when and where you first met
  • how your relationship developed
  • when you decided to marry or to start a de facto relationship
  • your domestic arrangements (how you support each other financially, physically and emotionally and when this level of commitment began)
  • any periods of separation (when and why the separation occurred, for how long and how you maintained your relationship during the period of separation)
  • your future plans.

The statements written by you and your partner can be on ordinary writing paper or a statutory declaration form. Each statement or statutory declaration must be signed and dated by the person who wrote it.


DIAC refer applicants and sponsors to the Partner Migration booklet, which provides more detail about the sort of evidence required to support the overall application.  Look, I’ve given you the link, click on it! Read the damn thing!  Is this visa important to you or not?  Do these statements properly!

The statement and the evidence are linked, really.  This article is not about the evidence, I am writing only about the statements! Your statement is your relationship in your words, the evidence you provide will support what you have written about. Use that evidence list as an indication of the sort of things you can write about in your Statement, even though you will provide formal documentary evidence of each of each piece of concrete evidence (such as property owned in joint names).  I do think the detail in the booklet is very good.  It expands on each of the categories to give specific examples of the type of evidence the decision maker is looking for in order to be convinced you are in a “genuine and continuing relationship with your partner“.  In the current booklet, the examples can be found on pages 39 and 40.  I strongly recommend you print the details out and tick off the items on the list as you collect your information!  If you do have legal representation, being prepared will save you professional fees.

DIAC is asking you to write about EVERYTHING really, but specifically looking at four broad categories for evidence of a genuine relationship:

  • financial aspects;
  • the nature of the household;
  • social context of the relationship; and
  • the nature of your commitment to each other.

Note that DIAC say: “All relationships are different, so you should provide as much evidence as you can that you believe will support your claims.”  DIAC recognise that not all relationships are the same.  DIAC do not expect the same evidence from every couple.  In fact if DIAC received the same evidence from every couple, it would seem awfully like just copying from the last couple, wouldn’t it!

How, when and where you first met

This seems to throw some people.  “When” doesn’t mean you have to have a date and time!  Maybe you met as members of the same social circle well before you became an “item” and while you may know you met ” in early 2009″ you have no idea exactly when.  If that is the case, say so.  Don’t make up a date because you think you need one.  When you get interviewed, one of you will forget the date you made up!  You might do it with the best intentions, but it is not a sensible thing to do.  Write the truth, whatever it is. “We originally met when I joined XYZ Club in early 2009. Fred was already a member. At that time we were merely members of the same club. Over time we developed a friendship……”

Ladies, ladies, ladies – remember this too. This is a generalisation (before all the men hit me), but men are just not as good as women at remembering dates.  Having said that, I am TERRIBLE!!!! Unless the man in your life can be guaranteed to remember your wonderfully romantic anniversary date at the drop of a hat, best not to tie it down, even if YOU do know the damn date!

If you are both the type of people that the date you met is very important to you, the sparks flew, the bells rang and you have the date tattooed on your heart, by all means include the specific date!   If you asked me right now the date we met, I couldn’t tell you.  Things like that just aren’t important to me.  I know it was a Friday early in January – was that the 8th, 9th, 10th?  I’d have to check a calendar!

How your relationship developed

That should be the easiest part!  Pretend you are telling your best friend you haven’t seen for a while about how you got together with the great partner you now have. Men, you can leave out the bragging bit.

I think you are really supposed to know each other’s birthday dates, even if you forget all the others!  DIAC can be pedantic, I understand, about things like that.

When you decided to marry or to start a de facto relationship

To me, this is a bit like the “when did you met” question.  Unless you remember a wonderfully romantic weekend away to a tropical island when he proposed (I had a co-worker who did just that), again you may not have a specific time in mind or remember the date.   It maybe a case of you suddenly realised you hadn’t been home to your own house for a month and perhaps you’d better rent it out or give up the lease or something.  Again, don’t go attaching a specific date to something if you aren’t 100% positive about that date, but certainly explain how and roughly when you ended up deciding to marry or start living together.

In some relationships it just seems to happen, in others a formal discussion and decision take place.

If you are already married, of course write about your wedding.  Who attended?  Describe the day.  Did you have a honeymoon? Write about it.

Social context of the relationship

This is actually well described under the evidence section of the booklet.  For example, “evidence that you and your partner are generally accepted as a couple socially (for example, joint invitations, going out together, friends and acquaintances in common)”.  Write about going to friends for dinner, being invited as a couple to weddings or christenings, work gatherings and so on.  Include certified copies of the invitations in your evidence pack.

Are you joint members of any organisations, clubs, gyms etc? Write about it (and provide certified copies of your memberships).

How well do you know members of your partner’s family?  This may be very little, if you are overseas and haven’t actually met the in-laws yet, or they made a flying visit for your wedding.  Write what you can – family involvement is important.

Have you travelled together?  Write about it.  Include evidence in your evidence pack: boarding passes, itineraries, photos of you together on that hill top in Spain.

I haven’t gone into everything it is possible to write about here. Read the booklet and work out what is appropriate for YOUR relationship.

Your domestic arrangements

DIAC are looking for you to tell the decision maker how you support each other financially, physically and emotionally and when this level of commitment began.  Note the word “physically”.  A celibate relationship is not likely to qualify for a partner visa unless there is a darn good medical reason.  If you think I am joking, let me tell you I was asked the direct question during our appeal hearing, “When did you first have sex?”  I have no advice how you handle such a sensitive topic and personally, I still think the department has no right to know and I didn’t say anything about it directly in my Statement of Relationship.  I’m simply sharing my experience for your consideration!

It also means who does the ironing, who cooks, who hangs out the washing and does the vaccuming.   If you have kids, who drives them to school?  Who helps with the homework?

Talk about any property you own jointly, joint financial arrangements.  If you don’t have any, explain why not.  I read of a young women who could not open a joint bank account in her partner’s country because of the laws of the country.  DIAC are not so unreasonable as to expect you to have something that it is just not possible to get due to local laws.  You may not have joint bank accounts, but you may well be able to prove or at least describe how you each contribute financially.

If you are young and met each other travelling the world, as young people do, you may have no joint property because you haven’t yet returned to Australia to buy any together.  Explain that.  You may NOT be young!  I know of a couple who married in their later years, after meeting up again in later life.  You may keep assets separate because of children from previous marriages.  That is very common these days.

“Emotionally” can be a difficult aspect to write about.  How did you feel if you were apart?  Do you share you day when you come home?  Does he wipe away your tears when you are homesick?  Does she bring you breakfast in bed when you have the ‘flu?  For goodness sake don’t all write that just because I used it as an example.  What do you think DIAC will do if they receive 20 applications all talking about the ‘flu?  I’m illustrating, not writing your statement!

Any periods of separation

Periods of separation can be for any number of reasons.  Just explain them clearly.  Perhaps there was a sick parent back home and you had to be apart for a while. Maybe there was a work opportunity that just couldn’t be passed up.  Maybe one of you had a visa that expired and had to leave.

If you haven’t had any periods of separation, say so.

Your future plans

Well, what ARE your future plans?  Have children? Set up a business? Buy 100 houses?  Set up a medical practice in the country?

I don’t know, only YOU know what your future plans are.  You need to show you have some!  Write about them!

My Statement of Relationship was six pages long.  Is that the “perfect” length?  I don’t know, but if I was a decision maker I’d be inclined to think if a statement was  TOO short it would seem a little insincere.  Too long might look like trying too hard! Only you can make a decision about whether you have covered all the aspects DIAC are looking for.  Also, the length will depend on the length of your relationship.  Clearly talking about a six year relationship might take a bit longer than talking about a twelve month relationship!  I tend to think quality wins over quantity though!

DIAC add a note at the end of the category list: “Providing only statutory declarations from your and your partner’s parents, family members, relatives and other friends is not normally sufficient to evidence your relationship.”  In other words, you need something more that just a pile of statements!

Above all else, just be honest about your relationship.  You will probably be interviewed.  The questions may involve what brand of camera your partner owns, but will certainly cover the contents of your Statement of Relationship.  If you have been 100% honest, your interview will be easy.  Don’t write stuff because you think it sounds good, or you think it is what DIAC want to hear.  What DIAC wants is the truth and evidence to support your application.  Evidence that shows you are in a genuine and continuing relationship.

Clearly if you meet the three year criteria that is pretty good evidence in and of itself.  It is those couples who have not been together that long who must ensure they can demonstrate the genuineness of their relationship.  I draw this conclusion from the following:

However, you may be granted a permanent visa without having to wait if you can demonstrate one of the following:

  • at the time you apply for the visa, you have been in a married or de facto relationship with your partner for three years or more
  • at the time you apply, you have been in a married or de facto relationship with your partner for two years or more, and there is a dependent child of your relationship
  • your partner was granted a Protection visa or a permanent visa under the humanitarian program and you were in the relationship before the visa was granted and this had been declared to the department at the time.

Note: Generally, you should be living with your partner in a married or de facto relationship at the time you apply.


Good luck! Remember, if you have any doubts about any aspect of your application, seek professional advice!

Since this article was originally written, on-line applications have been introduced. A preliminary update can be found at UPDATE: Partner Visa Subclass 309/100 Applications. A subsequent, more complete, update written by a reader has been published at Online Partner Visa Applications – Subcalass 309/100.

If you have found this article helpful, please consider buying the book!

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  1. Hi Team Oyeniyi,
    Great article that has made this complex process much easier for us. I have 3 questions hope you can help with….
    1) These days all of us communicate via txt messages, FaceBook and other social media. My question is how do you put this in as evidence for continued contact during separation? Do you print a little of it? Do you provide access somehow?
    3) What is considered periods of true separation? I live in Bali but return to Singapore for 5 days once a month for work meetings. This is pretty regular for 2 years now, do I need to document every single trip?
    2) This is not my first partner visa, I did the same process with my first wife 15 years ago. The form asks if there was a previous sponsorship, provide the application and granted dates. Now as it’s 15 years ago there is no way either I or my Ex would remember those dates. Can I simply state that I have forgotten and provide what year I think it was?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. hello my name is harry i am from india
    my wife is a new zealand citizen living in Australia from many years now, we got married in august 2014 and applied for a partner visa and 461 visa but it was denied because we still live apart we meet online in first month of 2014 and deside to marry after our relationship devolves in augest 2014 my wife came to india and we got marry my wife visit me twice after that for sort time because she had a daughter from her previous relation so she cant stay away from home for long. my visitor visa was refused and the reaso for my 309 application refusal was that we didnot have time togther , so what can i do ?


  3. Hi team oyeniyi,

    Does this also apply for an international student who wants her partner be included in her visa as a dependent?




  4. Hi Team,

    For the partner visa do we both applicant and sponsor needs to write separate history of relationship statement or one is fine by both?



  5. Form 888- what is your main reason for remain in australia?

    I am getting married to an Australia citizen. And want to apply for visa after remaining in Australia illegally, however this will depend on my particular circumstance and to lodge an application and remain in Australia during processing.

    That answer right? Hope to hear from u soon


    • did you receive help with this? Whether or not you can remain in Australia is determined by the conditions on the visa you hold now. Applying for the Partner visa requires meeting some requirements at the time you apply and if you do not the visa will be refused

      If you need help we are contactable at mgr.aaamigraton@gmail.com


  6. Pls help me how do history of our relationship


    • The statement of Relationship is the key element to sorting out the evidence needed to submit with the application. Written well it will explain your story of the relationship. That is what the case officer wants to read. Everyone’s story is different.

      The structure of the history will be similar for everyone commencing with how and when you met, how the relationship developed, when you committed to your relationship (THIS IS A CRITICAL DATE and you need to know this), when you became engaged to marry if you did, When your defacto Relationship commence, Either living together or not, then the support you provide each other, emotionally, physically, Socially.

      others who do not meet the defacto criteria may still be able to apply but should not do this without the assistance of professionals. The same applies for arranged marriages.

      Evidence for these points needs to be specific to the points and prove what you say is correct.

      Your future is how you plan to spend your life together, where, holidays, buying houses, children or not, enjoying each other’s time.
      The KEY to the application is making sure all evidence compliments the statements, that the both statements match the information stated in each with dates and events and your evidence (trips and other prove this)

      Anyone needing specific assistance should contact me at mgr.aaamigration@gmail.com

      Partner visas are becoming more complicated lately with some recent changes to


      • Hi

        I fully agree, relationship history is important when it comes to that type of visa.

        As a matter of fact, I am a professional writer (based in Sydney Australia) who has helped a lot of candidates applying for the partnership visas. In each of the cases I have dealt with, they succeed in having the visas granted.

        I may not be able to assist on the technical/legal aspect butter (because that’s not my speciality area) can formulate the history in a readable/professional format.

        Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details if there is a need.

        Let me also take this opportunity to wish you the best.

        My business is Edi Editing Services.
        Web http://www.ediediting.com

        I hope that will help


  7. Hi I just want to say thank you TEAM OYENIYI for this very helpful article which is its help a lot of my problem how to start to write our history of relationship of my de facto relationship I have all the supporting documents about what I say inside my letter and all the evidence that we been together for 3 years specially our joint bank account here in Australia and etc. I hope this is enough evidence to grant my PARTNER VISA


  8. hi team.
    i love the way you advice and assist others. may god bless you.
    i am here to say that i am from united kingdom and i met Mr right he is from Tanzania now i need to write for personal statement i will appreciate if you can assist me on how to start and what to mention in that.
    i am from UK and soon our process will begin so please assist me.


  9. I love this website, it gave me a lot of ideas on how to finish up my application of spouse visa but I still need some clarifications from you. My situation is that my husband and I are both from Hong Kong and married in Hong Kong. My hubby is currently working and living in Australia and I’m still living in Hong Kong. We are doing the offshore application. Here are my questions :

    1. Are there any differences between onshore and offshore application? which one is more faster to be granted the visa ?
    2. As for the applicant , I need to complete the 47SP, Form 888, Statement of History of relationship. Besides the above stuff, do I still need to fill in the Form 80? Is it a must to do so ?
    3. My friend told me that I have to attach my CV to them, as they need to see my work experience and background in Hong Kong. I was like , what ? what I’m applying is SPOUSE VISA not a work visa. Does it really matter?

    thanks in advance:)


    • Jessie, on-shore applications are much more expensive. Plus your partner actually has to be living here already in order to make an on-shore application.

      Yes, do the Form 80. You will need more than one or two Form 888 declarations too.

      I am not sure about the CV, that could be something new. We applied five years ago and regulations and requirements do change, but if you check the current Partner Booklet, it will say if that is necessary.

      Good luck!


  10. I have a permanant residency in australia.I got married on 22nd jan 2015. It is arranged marriage. My partner is in india. 20 days only we lived together. We dont have an joint account. How can i get a visa for my partner???


  11. hi i just wanna know how do i write support letter for my husband to back to nz please help me thanks


  12. Hi 🙂 great article. I have some queries, I’ll be applying for permanent partner visa soon. My husband is Australian citizen and I am currently living in India. I was living in India when we applied for temporary visa and I was doing my graduation here, we decided that I should move to Australia once I am done with my undergrad or I’m granted permanent visa (whichever comes first) since studying in Australia as an international student or temporary resident is really expensive. In the past two years since temporary visa was granted I visited him a lot but we haven’t really lived together and we don’t share any household responsibilities. (Though we have a joint account and he’s been sending money on a regular basis) So now what should write in my stat dec under “nature of your household iresponsibility”. And will the immigration see it as a negative thing that we were not living together even though I had a temporary visa. TIA


    • Stella, I really wish I could answer your question, but that is a very specific situation you have and so I really can’t comment. I suggest your husband seek some professional advice here in Australia.


    • Stella, i guess you just need to write the same in detail to the Australian Authorities. You have a valid reason of not moving even u had Temporary visa.. Secondly, you joint account statements are good to indicate that you guys are in relation in good standing. There is no harm mentioning that your husband is responsible for all your expenses as you are a student. Your travelling proof to australia would be another plus…. good luck for your future plans


  13. Nice article! 🙂 Can you please tell me this: I am applicant for partner visa and my husband is my sponsor. He needs to fill 40sp form after I fill my 47sp. Does he upload and attach history of our relationship and evidence that he wrote to his application, and i attach my version of it on my application? Thank you

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  14. Thanks for all the info 🙂
    Our situation is quite standard, we met while my partner was on WHV in Australian,
    in Jan 15 we will have lived with each other for over 1 x yr, we have a joint bank account, flyby membership account, travelled together been invited to weddings,
    joint content insurance and have Bank statements to show shopping bills/combined purchases on payments, I however have my own property so my partner pays towards the mortgage so i can only show that by my bank statements,
    There is not a lot of other Financial things i can prove and im scared its not enough?
    any ideas on other ways to show Financial Aspects?
    Thanks heaps
    Kel 🙂


    • You have way more than many applicants! Just make sure you have all the evidence of the above and I am sure you will have sufficient, Kellie. 🙂 If in doubt, check with a migration agent on any new requirements, as they are more up-to-date than I am now. Four years have passed since our application, but from what I understand the evidence requirements haven’t changed much.

      Best wishes!


  15. How long does it take to grant the Permanent Partner visa (100) after the letter for more information is received. I applied in Feb 13. Got 309 in Sep 13. I should expect the letter from dept in Dec. How long it roughly takes after we submit the required??


  16. Hi

    I already have a temporary partner visa, I am now applying for the permanent residency. My question is do we still have to write the history of the relationship and submit the evidences again? I already submitted a bunch of evidence of relationship when I applied for the subclass 309.

    My understanding is that I just need to submit additional evidence from the time the temporary partner visa was granted to the present status of the relationship.




  17. Hi there!

    Thanks a lot for your time and help! I am currently writing my statement and it is really helping me.

    I have 2 questions though. Does the statement need to be hand-written or typed? Moreover, I am the main applicant for a skilled visa and I was wondering what would happen if DIAC thinks that there is not enough evidence of my de facto relationship with my partner, since we have been together for a year only. Would I still be granted the visa and him not? or both cancelled?


  18. Hello, I’m Gretchen from Philippines and currently in Australia under Tourist Visa. Me & my Bf planning to apply Defacto this month.We’re still 2 mos together but we started to chat, Skype and talk daily October last year. I’m so glad to read your informative fantastic & very helpful blog. I’m so thankful that someone like you spend your time and effort to help us in visa application. You’re so amazing person. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. God bless you more and more power. Keep it up! 😉


  19. My wife is in australia for study,,we marry before 1 year.
    Now we can’t get aparr from eachother
    What are the process of partner visa please suggest


  20. Hey , thank you for your information its really helpful.
    My husband just applied for my spouse visa, we provided all the evidence that we have
    but we are wondering , if not having a wedding ceremony pictures will be a bad thing for us, we had a private wedding ceremony in Bali , we uploaded the pictures and also other pictures od our trip in Morocco.
    So would please let me know of what you think?

    Regards 🙂


    • Imane, I really can’t advise you as a lot will depend on what you said about your wedding ceremony and why it was private and so on.

      As you have submitted your application, stop worrying and wait is the best advice I can give you right now. Waiting is the hardest part, I know.

      Hugs to your both.


  21. Hello I am an eligible NZ resident of Australia applying for a visa to get my partner into Australia. Do I need a police clearance from Australia when I apply for his visa? I had a fingerprint one done when I moved to the UK 3 years ago. I have only holidayed once in Australia in the 3 years for 4 weeks. Could I use that one if I need to have one done. Thank you for this wonderful site 🙂


    • Hi Christine, welcome.

      Unless the regulations have changed since we did ours, if you are an Australian citizen sponsor you only need a police clearance if children are coming with your partner. I am NOT sure if there are different requirements for eligible NZ residents, perhaps you have to have a police clearance because you are not a citizen? I note the Partner Visa booklet says (page 14):

      If you are an eligible New Zealand citizen who is sponsoring their fiancé(e) or partner, in addition
      to meeting the usually resident requirement, you must meet health and character requirements.
      After your fiancé(e) or partner has lodged their complete visa application (which will include your
      sponsorship application), the department will contact you to advise if you need to undertake health
      and/or character check

      Click to access 1127.pdf

      I can’t see anywhere where you, as the sponsor, are required to provide a police check unless you are specifically asked for one as stated above. However, your problem may be proving residence if you have only been here for 4 weeks three years ago. Have you been living here long enough?


  22. Hi thanks so much for all this information, my partner and I have been together for three years. He is from the United States of America and as you know it is hard for either of us to stay together in the one country legally so that is why we are applying for a de facto visa so we can settle down in one country instead of going back and forth. What I want to ask you is that we havnt actually been able to go through the whole application yet because we are up to the part where we need statutory witnesses, saying this I was just wondering what I can do (seeing as I am the sponsor and can not fill out my form until he has done his) now to make it easier when the time comes around for us to send our application. I am aware of this statement of history, So i have to write a letter detailing our relationship and attach that to the application? I am just confused cause I have seen some people attaching the house hold, financial aspects of the relationship to the statement of history when on the application online it asks you the questions in different fields and not to have it all together. If you could please help me out I would greatly appreciate it 🙂 Also we had a joint bank account in Australia but we closed it before he had to leave the country as it was no longer needed due to him working over here, I have contacted the bank we were with but do you think if i get them to write a refferal that we had a joint bank account that it would be enough evidence since it is now closed?


    • Hi Felicity, I am not sure how much it has changed with the on-line applications as I can’t see the screens etc, not having and account. The bank would be able to give you confirmation of having held a joint account, but you would need to explain carefully why you closed it, to ensure it to ensure the closure of the account is not misinterpreted by the department.

      The Statement of History is not a letter, it is a formal statement or you can make it a statutory declaration. You both need to do one, although in our case we did a joint statement (which we both signed) but I understand the department prefer two separate statements. The whole process is designed to check, double-check and triple-check your assertions about your relationship. You will answer the same questions many times. Even if they ask specific questions on-line, it is still best, I believe, to address the aspects of your relationship in the statement as per the Partnership Booklet. There are no shortcuts to this process.

      Best of luck! If you feel stuck, seek professional advice from a MARA agent or migration lawyer.


  23. Thank you so much for the information. it is really helpful. I almost finish my statement of history, just wondering if I need to write it down on A4 papers or just print it out? Would that matters?


  24. Great!!!!!i would like to ask if you have ideas on how to get into the 2nd stage of de facto visa…what forms to submit


    • Hi Andrea,

      The system has changed a bit now that online submission is available. My best advice is to go to http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/309-100.aspx and click on the “Visa Holders” tab and scroll down. The Department have improved the quality of information available on the web now, particularly in relation to the Subclass 100 (Permanent) visa.

      You should still, from my reading of the website, receive a letter from the Permanent Partner Visa Process Centre which will detail what you need.

      What we needed is detailed at https://teamoyeniyi.com/2012/04/28/sub-class-100-visa-partner-permanent/ but this may have changed as that was April 2012.


      • yes i got one…to submit more info for my permanent visa application. then at the back to upload satutory declaration from sponsor, his passport, drivers license and an AU national police certificate for any country which ive live for 12 mos or more since the grant of the temporary visa. It does not state if my sponsor will also get a police clearance


      • To my knowledge, the Australian (your sponsor) does not need a police clearance. I (the Australian in our case) did need a police clearance for the 309 stage only because children were involved and it was a requirement under the provisions of the Hague Convention.

        If they wanted a police clearance for your sponsor they would have asked. I found the Partner Permanent Processing Centre very helpful when I called to clarify things, so don’t be afraid to clarify with them.


      • think you are right. It’s just me who needs the police clearance. what forms will i submit to them to go with the attachments(bank account, etc.)?


      • We were not asked for any of that, but as I say, the requirements may have changed. I would be guided by the letter to you. Provide what has been requested. 🙂


      • thanks for the info……i;ll keep in touch….


      • Good luck! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be fine!


      • hi…ive read that de-facto relationships can be registered in NSW under Acts Interpretation(Registered Relationship) Regulations. Any particular office you can tell me so we can have it registered?


      • Andrea, I am not in NSW, so I suggest you contact the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages. Or try their website. I think they handle that in states where it is possible.


  25. Hi, I am sending all my partner visa information off in the next week or so. All I wanted to know was, for our partner statements where we are writing about our relationship with each other, do these need to be stamped and signed by a witness or sent as is?



    • At the time I wrote the above article, it could be either the template I provided OR a statutory declaration. If it is not a statutory declaration it only needed to be signed by the person making the statement.

      It might be wise to double check the current Partner Visa Booklet, as the Department do change requirements from time to time.


  26. Hi all

    I am new to this forum. I live in Ethiopia and my wife lives in Audtralia. She is Australian citizen and She lives her parents in Australia. She does not work also she has seizure. We have gotten married in September last year in Somalia. Now I am going to apply a partner visa so as to unite my wife so my first question is can unemployement and sickness of her will effect granting my visa?

    Second question is our marriage cerificate is issued in Ethiopia and got marry in Somalia so is that will be cause to refuse my visa?



    • I really suggest you seek professional advice as your case does seem to have some complications around the question of your wife’s financial capacity to sponsor you for the two years.

      I cannot advise you, but I do suggest your wife seeks some professional advice here in Australia before you submit your application.

      Essentially, Australian law recognises overseas marriages provided the marriage is not between two people not allowed to marry under Australian law, such as certain close relationships, so being married in Somalia should not present a problem.


  27. Hello! my fiance lives in Bosnia and i live in australia, im pretty sure we have all the paper work ready for the partner visa for him to come here but was just wondering if i needed a police check too? my friend said she needed to send one over when she was applying but i cant seem to find it anywhere on the website! thanks in advance xx


    • As an Australian I don’t believe you need a police check unless there are children coming, as in our case. I was becoming a step-mother.

      However, regulations change all the time so you would be best to double check by just calling the department. The Partner Visa booklet covers everything comprehensively, so if you haven’t diwnloaded it, do so. Also has a document checklist!

      Best wishes!


  28. Any one has any partner visa written statement by sponsor ? can i have any sample which you used in the past? also in which order i should arrange files when submit. I am doing by myself. appreciate if anyone can help


    • Ahmed your sponsor (or you if you are the sponsor) really should write your own. It must be personal to each couple.

      I don’t think the order of the documents would matter terribly much as long as everything is clearly set out.

      I didn’t do ours, our lawyer did, but if I had, I would have put the applucation forms first, then the statements, then the other forms followed by the supporting evidence documents.

      I would have had a covering index page as well, documenting what was included in the pack.

      Good luck!


  29. Hi Robin…Its me, Tanvir again. My wife has already applied for Partner visa in June, 2013. She has recently received an email from immigration office that she need to show financial aspects of our relationship. We don’t have any joint bank account or any other properties in joint name. She is a housewife, so most of the financial support comes from me. In this case, how are going to prove our financial aspects in this relationship? Can you give me any suggestion?
    Waiting for your response.



    • Tanvir, you are living together, aren’t you? They do seem to give considerable weight to joint finances, even though many many Australian couples do not have joint finances.

      You will need to explain very well why your wife doesn’t have access to money. Can she withdraw from your account? Don’t tell me here, I am just giving you thoughts to consider.

      Is your lease or mortgage not in joint names? Phone and utility bills? Why not? For example, was everything already in your name when your wife moved in and you will put everything in joint names when you move? Can you prove you support your wife 100% financially?

      You might be wise to seek professional advice to draw up your response to this query.

      Best wishes!


      • HI Robin…thanks a lot for your reply.
        We just tried to made them understand that we did not need to have a joint account as we both had separate bank accounts already here & we did have bank transfers though internet.
        Just fingers crossed for their reply on this…because we did not feel any need for joint accounts 😦


      • Did you provide evidence of bank transfers? That would, I hope, help.

        Best wishes.


      • Yes…I provided our bank statements & marked the transfers & household expenses 🙂


  30. Its just fabulous..helped me from sink in sea…!!


  31. Hi, this article is really helpful, thank God I found this cause I’ve been wondering myself about the Statement of Relationship format. Anyway, I have a permanent resident visa here in Australia for 4 years already, but I just moved in here permanently last February 27, 2013 leaving my boyfriend for 3 years back home. I got a permanent full time job this month and I’m wondering if that would affect my sponsorship eligibility for Prospective Marriage visa? Fortunately, both of our parents will help us with the financing and housing here in Australia (I am currently residing with them and if my boyfriend’s visa is granted, we will still be residing with them for the mean time) What are your advices for this matter? We are planning to lodge our application this end of May or probably early June.

    Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.


    • Maria, I can’t give advice for specific applications. If you feel you need advice, you should contact a MARA agent or try the forums at http://forum.migrationhelp.com.au/ as I have a recollection this may have been discussed there before.

      I am glad you found what help I can provide useful! Best wishes and good luck with your application!


      • Is there any requirement for employment background or income since I just arrived here in Australia and hired this month? What are your suggestions or ideas about this?

        4 years Permanent resident, flew every year to Australia and stayed 3 wks for vacation and went back home to our country to finish my degree, now I am here permanently in Australia and just started working. I hope you could help me with this one or share any thoughts for our Prospective marriage sponsorship. Thank you.


      • Maria, I cannot answer case specific questions, as the article clearly states. Please seek professional advice for your situation.

        Best wishes!


  32. Hi, great article. My partner is the Aussie, I’m the Brit. She’s been on a de facto visa in the UK for the last couple of years. Do you know if that makes any difference to the application process? I was just hoping that if they knew that the UK government had previously granted a visa, that they would be more inclined to grant me one more quickly. Whadya reckon? Clutching at straws?


    • Hi Will,

      Are you the sponsor of her de facto visa in the UK? If so, then I am GUESSING (remember, I’m not an agent, so I am guessing here) that fact would certainly go to proving your relationship and be a good thing.

      If she was in a relationship with someone else in the UK (that is, she was sponsored by someone else, that broke up and she then met you) it could complicate things and I think you should seek at least preliminary professional advice.

      I’m not clear on the situation from your comment!


      • Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the confusion. Yes, I am her sponsor in the UK. We’ve been together for 4 years, and she’s been on the de facto for nearly two.


      • Then yes, I believe it will help – not the de facto visa specifically, but the proof you are in a long-term relationship! Good luck!


  33. Hi my Fiancee is A CHRISTIAN all her life and she stands strong on her belief that a couple should not really be living together before marriage i really have respected her beliefs on that and for us that’s been easy as she is overseas but we have spent time together personally over the past 2 and a half years but does the DIAC take into account that for religious reasons we cant be living together before marriage ? or do they just expect everyone to have “shacked” up together and had sex before we can get an approval? thanks


    • From what you are saying I think you might be wise to look at the Prospective Marriage visa. The criteria are very different.

      Check it out on the Immigration website. I don’t talk about it much on this website, but perhaps I should add a brief article.


  34. Thanks a lot Robin for your detailed information. It requires a lot of patience & determination for this. I am preparing all the documents to apply for my Partner & now i feel how much patience it needs. May God bless you 🙂


    • Thank you Tanvir. Just remember, if you have ANY doubts, seek professional advice. A stitch in time (i.e. a $ in time) saves nine! 🙂

      Yes, A lot of patience and the detail drives one to distraction.

      Good luck! 🙂


  35. Thanks a lot Robyn. That’s very helpful and it’s looks quite good. You should become a migration agent and hopefully charge less say $ 1000 per application and help others.


    • Thank you for the compliment, Vimal, but I think I might get too emotionally involved in my cases, which would not be a good thing for my health. Once was enough, I think.

      I am also not sure one could make a living charging $1,000 for applications, UNFORTUNATELY! I know how much work I put into our application, let alone the time of the lawyers. I believe the process is a lot more complicated than it needs to be in the majority of cases. Paralysis by paper.


  36. Plis go through my statement and comment. How can I send my statement to u so that u can read through


  37. I was asked to write a statement about our relationship . Am intending to join my husband abroad but I don’t know how it’s written .


  38. I have to write a statement but I have no idea of how to start. Can u help me?


  39. great website! i am just going through the paperwork to sponsor my thai fiance out. We have known eachother since high school, and been back in a relationship (long distance) for 4 years. Could you confirm whether or not the history of relationship needs to be certified? It just says “signed by you”. I have two 888 forms done and certified, also two stat decs on our relationship done by friends, certified. And I am doing two separate things: a) history of relationship and b) evidence of genuine and continuing relationship. Could you also let me know how you presented all your application – I am thinking of a folder with plastic sleeves, mailed to Thailand for my fiance to take in. He is signing and getting things certified there and sending them to me to check and collate first. It’s difficult doing applications from two countries!


    • Hi Jenny and welcome!

      I have no idea how ours was presented as our lawyer did it! I know it weighed a lot!

      According to the DIAC website, the History of Relationship doesn’t need to be certified, but just check in case they have changed the regulations since I wrote my original article above. I always recommend people check the latest!

      It is VERY difficult doing an application between two countries.

      We wish you all the best!


      • as you mentioned somewhere, you think you are an intelligent person, but reading the tiny details and fathoming through the requirements is not an easy task! And you want to get it right! I have read through everything many times and still have questions… I’m glad I’m not the only one! Thanks for all the hints.


      • I wrote as I experienced it. That is all I can do. Just share my experience and hope people find it useful. My writing will not answer everyone’s questions as each case is so unique.

        Have you considered buying our book? 🙂


  40. Hi

    I am an Australain Citizen applying for a Partner Visa. Before I submit the details to the Dept of Immigration can you please check the details which I have written. How can I send the details to you as an attachment.


    • Hi Geoff,

      I am sorry, I can’t check applications. I am not a registered agent, it would be against the law for me to do so.

      If you do not have an agent, my best advice is to check through the Partnreship Booklet VERY carefully. Take your time, do not rush.

      Best of luck!


  41. It’s so generous of you to give your time to help others like this Robyn.. I really admire you for that..


  42. Great job!! thank you for all your information!


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