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Equality does not mean sameness

On my recent article Bullying isn’t cool, Nancy of Spirit Lights The Way commented: When we accept ourselves “as is,” we are more able to shrug off the irrelevant opinions of others. Instead of poisoning ourselves by internalizing the hate, ignorance, and fear demonstrated by the bullies of life (who are trying to make themselves […]

K for Koala

Choosing a topic for the K instalment of Our A – Z of Australia was easy.  Koala.  Oh, all right, I could have gone for Kangaroo.  That just seemed a little too easy.  Besides, I wrote about kangaroo when we had a lovely dinner. My mother chose to have her photo taken at Sydney Zoo […]

J for Jellyfish

We all like jelly, right?  At least when we were kids.  Oh, for American readers, jelly is not jam to us, although I understand it is to you.  Jelly for us is a dessert, usually served with ice-cream, especially after you’ve had your tonsils removed.  Jellyfish are amazingly beautiful creatures.  Translucent and in some cases […]

Shoot me now, I have an iPad and I like it

As detailed on our “About” page, I am both an accountant and an information technology professional.  Many years ago, before I was qualified in either profession, I worked for a company that had a funny little Mac thing.  I hated it.  I guess that is where my aversion to Apple products started.  Back then Apple […]

I for Immigration

Given immigration looms so large in our extended family, I felt this was an appropriate topic for the “I” article of Our A – Z of Australia.  The results of the 2011 Census are not yet available, sadly, so I am depending on the 2006 Census data for this look at Australia. Michel Lawrence spent two […]