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Movie review: Lucy

Miss O 1 and Miss O 2 and I don’t often get “girl time” together. When we all liked the ads on TV for the movie “Lucy” I invited them to some mother and daughter movie time. I am very interested in the scientific debate about how much of our brain we really use and […]

Elysium: movie review

After seeing the trailer when we went to see Word War Z, I really wanted to see Elysium. I heard reports of what a great movie it was. Icing on the cake was Matt Damon criticising Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers when he visited to promote the movie.

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon or How not to treat people

Last year I read some articles about how Amazon treat their staff in the USA. Once such article is this: http://www.mcall.com/news/local/mc-allentown-amazon-complaints-20110917,0,7937001,full.story. I was horrified and when I published Love versus Goliath I gave serious consideration to not selling via Amazon in principle. I also knew Amazon sell 80% of all digital sales. In the end I […]

Kia Sorento 2011 – A Mother’s Review

Readers paying attention will have noticed I have a new car, a Kia Sorento.  As many of our readers have largish families, I’m writing a review.  Our car came from the very nice people at Kia Essendon.  I say very nice people, because even though they didn’t know they would get the sale, they allowed […]


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