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Captain, Captain, I don’t know where we are

“Captain, please come to the bridge. I’m not sure where the border is.” “WTF? What are you talking about?” “Captain, I am serious. We’ve had a Ephemeris error. Or a Propagation delay error. Or maybe there are bubbles in the compass. I’m not sure!” “Are you sure the helmsman didn’t just stay on autopilot too long? You […]

Should we send a woman pregnant with twins to Nauru?

Edit October 20: Since this and many other articles were published, Morrison has come out strongly denying there are any pregnant women with twins on Nauru. I note he does not say there never were: Despite this, Mr Morrison used the once-weekly briefing to admonish assembled journalists for misreporting asylum seeker issues, including the widely […]

Australian Partner Visa fees have risen again

Today I did another talk at a CPD event for migration agents. I discovered the fees have risen YET AGAIN! I no longer keep tabs on the increases as my family are here now. One agent told be about a client of hers paying an exorbitant amount in fees and related costs (medicals, and so […]

So now we dump people on third world countries

Papua New Guinea. What is the definition of a third world country? A friend of mine, who has a different view to my view on the question of asylum seekers, pronounced today that third world, as a definition, is a cold war construct. Had anyone else said this, I would have simply suggested they get their arse […]

The Return to Rudd: a turn for the worse on asylum seeker policy?

Originally posted on Castan Centre for Human Rights Law:
The night of Wednesday 26th of June was full of surprises. We got an old/new Prime Minister in Kevin Rudd, found out that our first female Prime Minister was quitting politics, and learned what the Foreign Minister Bob Carr thinks of refugees and our international obligations…

What goes around comes around

She stared at the man standing in front of her. He was older than she remembered from his photos in the media all those years ago. Then, so was she. “I need to get out of Australia,” he croaked. “They are trying to kill me.” “How did you find me?” “People speak of you.” She […]

What is persecution?

It is generally accepted that to be an asylum seeker and then accepted as a refugee, one must be fleeing persecution. With all the discussion of exactly what constitutes an asylum seeker/refugee of late, it is appropriate to look at the definition of persecution. In 1951, persecution for the purposes of being granted refugee status was […]


I read two articles relating to asylum seekers today. The first by Jonathan Green on ABC’s The Drum, titled Australia’s political heartland: hate, fear, prejudice. The other article was the complete opposite: Violent asylum seekers out on the streets, says insider, published in The Age. The truth is probably somewhere in between. I have no doubt the […]

Happy Anniversary to us but what of Ranjini

Today is our third wedding anniversary. As it is mid-week and we have things like footy team photos and a student free day at Miss O 1’s school, we aren’t out celebrating. However WE are TOGETHER. I was reminded today of another couple who are not together.  Ranjini and her husband. I have written about […]

If human rights is not something you think about, I invite to read Dr George Venturini

Dr Venturni has an impressive legal bio. He has started a new series of articles on Independent Australia looking at “the history and reasons for Australia’s current unfair and illegal refugee policy”. I invite you to click on the picture below and read Dr Venturini’s excellent article.


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