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Anzac Day touches many families

My family is no different.  My father served in World War II.  He returned.  Many did not.  For our overseas readers, April 25, ANZAC Day is the day we pay special tribute to those who lost their lives fighting for the freedoms we enjoy in Australia and New Zealand.  Why April 25?  It is the […]

So it is Easter and school holidays

Five glorious days away from the office.  Much needed after I arrived home last night at 10pm.  Battling a data model took some time.  Although I am out of the office tomorrow, I am still contactable by phone, but at least I can tackle the school shoe and trouser shopping.  Mr O Jnr 1’s trousers, […]

B for Balls and Barracking

Get your mind out of the gutter!  I’m talking about balls in sport, naturally.  While many countries are predominantly a one or two sport nation, Australia is a many sport nation: many of those sports involve balls.  Mr O and the ankle-biters come from a country that plays soccer.  Big round mainly white ball with […]

Family History a Stark Reminder

The content of this chapter of Love versus Goliath has been published earlier on this site in a different context.  Here I have re-worked those two articles into a chapter of the book.  Please let me know your thoughts.  Is there sufficient detail?  Does this paint a picture for you?   As the reader, have […]

Interview with Mrs O

When Mrs O (Mum) interviewed Mr O, she said someone would be interviewing her!  We all wanted to interview Mum, so we put the names in a hat and Mum drew one name out – I got it!   Welcome to Mrs O!  

Oooops I fibbed

Not intentionally, of course. Yesterday I said meeting Stan Walker was my one claim to a celebrity connection. That is not entirely true, I remembered after I hit the publish button. Isn’t that always the way? Some years ago I appeared on TV with Bert Newton, Katrina Warren, Ramara Bonecrusher and a puppy.  Ramara Bonecrusher was affectionately known […]

Roast Lamb and Gravy

We’ve had a major food win!  Nigerians LOVE lamb, as do New Zealanders,  so roast lamb has been a Sunday staple.  However, Mr O and I have had some difficulty convincing the children that homemade gravy is a good thing.  Yes, that is right, all you cooks of mouth-watering dishes that I read about.  I […]

Horror and Hope

Tonight I have read two articles, very different in tone yet with a similar message.  Humanity. The first article I read horrified me, as it should any horrify any human being.  By Dr Paul Lehman, it is titled Teens hunt, beat and kill an African American for fun.  I regularly read Dr. Lehman’s articles and […]

Australian Census Night

Filling out the Census for SIX people is a bit of a job at the end of the day!  This is the first time I have done a Census on-line and I have to say: BRILLIANT!  The web site was amazingly easy to use (OK, I know, I have a few skills in the computer […]


Food?  Yes, food!  Let’s be fair, we couldn’t expect EVERYTHING to be perfect! :lol: The one challenge we have is food.  Here we have four children who have come to a country with the BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD (ok, I’m biased – New Zealand comes a close second!).  Getting the children to try different foods has […]


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