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Hague Convention & Stateless Babies

The Hague Convention is an international convention to protect children from being spirited away from a country by one parent.  It takes into account the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Australia, as a party to the Hague Convention, is strict on ensuring that the appropriate permission is given for children to […]

Stateless babies……..

This article is not a concern for me or my family personally.  We are not going to have any more children and all the children we do have, have citizenship of one country or another.  Interestingly, my daughter is entitled to New Zealand citizenship by descent, but not my son – New Zealand’s laws changed […]

To DIAC staff

I do not know if any DIAC staff have stumbled on my blog.  If you have, please know that I write this blog from my perspective. It is about what my family and I are going through.

The Hague Convention

As happily published in my previous entry, we expect a decision on my husband’s visa by or about November 13.  It seems from the correspondence that the only holdup is confirming Australia’s obligations under the Hague Convention have been met.  I have absolutely no problem with this: it is very important.

Longest fortnight in history!!!!!

Originally posted: Thursday 04 November, 2010 – 19:39   This has to be the longest fortnight in history – well – MY history anyway.  Longer even than when I was sitting in hospital waiting for my son to be induced.   Warning: this post contains a photo which may be upsetting to some readers – […]

“Moving Forward” – to 1984?

Originally posted: Saturday 30 October, 2010 – 12:35 I have recently read a few articles in the media that, together with my own situation, make me wonder whether we are moving anywhere at all, other than perhaps to a state of utter confusion.


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