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Do I give up or fight on?

Some back story may be required for newer followers, which can be found at Head or tails? Are lives so unimportant? and Do I just give up the fight against injustice? I do stress this article is about the emotional response to the situation, it is not a legal or administrative appraisal. Even as I type […]

Australian Partner Visa fees have risen again

Today I did another talk at a CPD event for migration agents. I discovered the fees have risen YET AGAIN! I no longer keep tabs on the increases as my family are here now. One agent told be about a client of hers paying an exorbitant amount in fees and related costs (medicals, and so […]

Announcing the Giveaway winner

As I write this winner of the Giveaway announcement, I am not at all sure what to say. You see, the winner is someone who, to me, exists only on Twitter, incognito. I really didn’t expect this person to win, but the rules are the rules and into the draw that person went. Miss 18 […]

Giveaway draw to celebrate 10,000 comments

I noticed a couple of days ago that this website has ALMOST reached 10,000 comments. It is a little disconcerting that WordPress counts my own replies and ping-backs to other articles as comments: I’d rather it measured just comments from visitors. Even so 10,000 is a reasonable number and worthy of recognition, don’t you think? […]

Spreading the word is hard work

It is not a secret that I have been a quest speaker in relation to partner visas at CPD (professional development) seminars for migration agents of late. The convener of these sessions is Michael Jeremy of WestVisa. Yesterday I flew to Sydney for just such a session. I have to say the audience were wonderful […]

The photos that got lost

June 3, 2011. A day this family will never forget. We were reunited. The photos taken that night got lost on a laptop somewhere but were found a couple of days ago. :D So here they are. Remember this was about 11 pm at night and they had been travelling for many, many hours. It […]

A letter from the Office of the Prime Minister

I am sure the Prime Minister will not mind me sharing the letter I received today from her office. For security reasons, I have blocked out my address and the name of the staff member who signed the letter. As readers know, I am, at the moment, one of those swinging voters. I am pleased […]

Book Depository now offering Love versus Goliath

I know many overseas readers have been waiting as the postage from Australia was a little high! Book Depository have the paperback with free shipping worldwide! Of course, also no GST. http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/Love-Versus-Goliath-Robyn-Oyeniyi/9780987483027

I have a paperback proof in my hand! Accepting advance orders!

I collected the actual physical book this morning from the post office. Excitement plus! Mr O Jnr 2 declared it “sick!” The book looks wonderful to me!  Staff at work were impressed and I received many congratulations. My photos here are not at all professional – those will come when I let Mrs Bryson loose […]

Mummy’s got swag!

That is the kids’ assessment of my first speaking appearance resulting from our book, Love versus Goliath. Mummy’s got swag! Mike Jeremy hired me as a guest speaker at a migration agent seminar. This was my first speaking engagement related to our book. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mike very much […]


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