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You’ve been targeted: supporting the AMA and RACGP supporting us

Should I just put a down payment on my coffin now, Scott? The identity of my Goliath has changed. Right at this moment “Love versus Goliath” can be translated to love for my own health and Goliath, yet again, is the government. Different political persuasion, this government, but essentially the same beast. This isn’t just about […]

Juggling drugs, rest, exercise – but never the ironing

Right. That’s it. I’m over this situation. Miracle cure, now. please. I so, so, so feel for those whose health is way worse than mine, because this is bad enough. This week has been my second week on the medication that is hoped to pull my over-active, uninvited, toxic thyroid nodules into line and by yesterday I […]

Australian Partner Visa fee increases AGAIN

I cannot believe the Immigration Department raising the fees for Partner Visas AGAIN! Early last year I wrote an investigative series on the high price of love. Back then the on shore application fee was $4,575. Now the fee is $6,865. That is just for the partner, no application related costs or even children! The […]

Christmas Cabinet Reshuffle a gift to the Australian people

Despairing of the costs to the taxpayer of the disabled and unemployed members of Australian society, Abbott decided it was necessary to take action to ensure by Christmas 2015 the taxpayers would be able to spend more of their hard-earned money on their own families, rather than paying taxes to support the vulnerable in society. […]

Christmas postponed due to drugs

This is for the much appreciated supportive readers who are following my health challenges. Even though we are postponing Christmas, we wish everyone a wonderful and safe festive season with friends and family. We’ve postponed Christmas because I’m just not up to it. I’m also not Radioactive Robyn, as it turns out. Over the last […]

Just the rantings of a sick person

Today I feel like utter crap. It was our work Christmas Lunch and I had to leave early. I felt dizzy and faint and I had stomach pains. I. AM. OVER. IT. Emotionally, I am over it. Logically I know these things are not so easy to diagnose and I also know that guessing, therefore […]

Do you hate going to the doctor?

Are you one of those people who hate going to the doctor? I’m Radioactive Robyn and I’m here to share my current experiences with my medical magicians in the hope you might change your mind. Your health is important and so much can be treated so well if detected early enough. I remember a friend who was […]

If you love Australia

If you love Australia, I highly recommend you take a few minutes to read the following three articles. The first is by our master of getting to the point with humour, John Birmingham. He looks at the funding cuts to our wonderful CSIRO. Love John’s work here!  Who do these clowns think they are, lounging around […]

We’re better than this

Read the full story in The Guardian. Visit wbttaus.org to help.

Steering Australia to where, exactly?

In a fit of drug (medical) addled frustration, I sent out a tweet. So today's summary: Kill the Barrier Reef Decimate CSIRO DV victims to be humble PM not happy re gay marriage bill Welcome to Australia — Robyn Oyeniyi (@TeamOyeniyi) November 26, 2014 There were a few follow up comments, such as A couple of suggested additions to my […]


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