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Cooking Beef Biryani

Tonight I’m experimenting in the kitchen. Hopefully I won’t poison anyone! :lol: I was mentioning to a co-worker how I’m constantly trying to find something quick to cook that involves rice, given this family is addicted to rice. She very kindly gave me a packet of spice mix for Biryani. My co-worker said it is […]

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A day in the life of a working mother in pictures

The day started with work, of course. And a coughing teenager who it has been determined has the ‘flu. We are getting coughed out of house and home at the moment. Since I signed up for the Global Corporate Challenge I’ve taken to spending my lunch break walking around a park near work with a […]

Getting those 10,000 steps with flowers

I thought today I’d take a rest from politics and activism and while I was walking towards my 10,000 steps a day target for the Global Corporate Challenge I’d collect and share photos of flowers along my way. It did cross my mind that tomorrow is June 1: the first day of WINTER. Yet I […]

Upcoming documentary: Bloody UnAustralian

Many Australians will know the name Eva Orner. She is an Academy award winning filmmaker. Although Eva has lived in the USA for some years now, she is coming home because she feels so strongly about Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers. Her project is a documentary titled “Bloody UnAustralian”. Eva is a first generation Australia […]

Get off yer butt!

There are challenges in life you just have to take up, even if you think your gonna pass out on day 1. Those of us with sedentary jobs are lucky if we take 3,000 steps a day if we drive to work and spend all day at a desk (or in meetings). Yesterday was a […]

Economies of scale or a deterrence measure?

I am definitely late to the party on this one but I have an excuse – the Abbott government are providing so much chaff to munch on, I’m overindulging. Yesterday I was alerted to an already three day old article by Michael Safi in The Guardian. Essentially Michael’s article concentrates on changes to the Refugee […]

Education: who will get some?

Commenting on the 2014 federal budget is something I keep trying to stop doing, but every time I look at a newspaper, I get irritated and feel like wrangling these op-ed writers. Today it was Amanda Vanstone that set my fingers itching for the keyboard. I have periodically agreed, to varying degrees, with Amanda. I […]

Taxes versus benefits and other observations

The first Abbott/Hockey budget certainly stirred up a storm of controversy.  Not just in the mainstream media, but everywhere. There is a very interesting stream of comments on “Benefit scrounging scum in the news again. Disability is fake, right?” The same author wrote a little flash fiction worth considering on “For The Good Of The […]

Where is Australia heading?

If one is to believe the Sydney Morning Herald articles today, Abbott is deep doodoo. Very deep doodoo. The question for many is where is Abbott and his band of merry men, robbing from the poor to pay the rich, leading Australia? Austerity hasn’t worked too well in more than a few economies around the […]

How much does it cost to COMPLETELY collect and process that $7?

A little background information for overseas readers added after receiving comments.  The situation here is all taxpayers pay a 1.5% levy to fund Medicare. Medicare provides a rebate to the patient for medical consultations and other health related services such as blood tests and x-rays. So let’s say the GP charges $65 for a consultation, […]


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