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#MarchInMarch Melbourne – what an incredible crowd. http://t.co/sh2ZAKLQQW—   (@Shaun_R) March 16, 2014 This photo from my friend @PenniPappas says it all #MarchInMarch http://t.co/P0YRLoR8hN— Nikos Psaltopoulos (@psaltopoulos) March 16, 2014 A pic of the crowd pouring out onto the Swanston/Latrobe intersection. #marchinmarch http://t.co/0lfnR3JSI5— Jaymus (@Jamus__) March 16, 2014 This is for you @TonyAbbottMHR #MarchInMarch #auspol […]

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Today is day 100 smoke free

Yes, that is right. According to my trusty MyQuitBuddy app on my phone, I have now been smoke free for 100 days. I think a short, sharp announcement is warranted! Probably the best aspect of this, aside from the dollars, is actually the improved oxygen levels achieved post-surgery. I do think I’ve overdosed on my […]

Australia and women: for those considering migration

You are a man from what is often referred to as a “traditional culture”. For whatever reason you find yourself living in Australia, or considering living in Australia. There are women in your life: a mother, sisters, a wife, daughters. There are some things you need to understand, some beliefs you need to let go. […]

Remarkably fit and well!

Thank you everyone for your lovely well wishes! I thought a short update in order. I am remarkably fit and healthy, although I realise I may not be so healthy tomorrow as I am probably still swimming in anesthesia and morphine. I didn’t get many gory photos which is just as well as I think […]

There may be a slight hiatus

Tomorrow I go into hospital for what I hope is a spot of keyhole surgery. I hope to avoid the slicing and dicing version. Consequently I may not be writing much over the coming days. Out, out, damn gallbladder! YAY! A friend told me I can expect to feel 200% better, so I am REALLY looking […]

Goodies, baddies, wimps: where are the ADULTS?

Perhaps the adults are actually in Cambodia, because Australia’s supply seems to have run out! Would somebody out there like to explain, with supporting evidence, why Australia deems it appropriate to dump vulnerable people on third world countries? Manus Island hasn’t worked out so well (not like a raft of people didn’t warn it was […]

He felt the tip of a blade

Continued from Nothing but ocean. Jones elbowed his way to the bow and stared into nothingness. His life was gone, over. He had to find his family if he could and start again. He had nothing, not even identification. The pair of shoes on his feet were the only pair he had. His once crisp […]

A little Australian history

The day will come, and perhaps is not far distant, when the European observer will look round to see the globe circled with a continuous zone of the black and yellow races, no longer too weak for aggression or under tutelage, but independent, or practically so, in government, monopolising the trade of their own regions, […]

Nothing but ocean

Continued from What goes around comes around. A crewman looked at him in disgust. He would see that look in many eyes and he shrank before it. The crewman knew him from the media reports of years ago. The crewman had waited on Nauru for years as a child. Now he was helping his persecutor […]

We live in a racist culture

In my continuing series of articles looking at the human rights aspects of the increasing Partner Visa fees, pipeline (backlog) and refusal rates, today I publish an interview with a past employee of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. My contact agreed to be interviewed on the condition of anonymity, as I am sure […]


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