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Just the rantings of a sick person

Today I feel like utter crap. It was our work Christmas Lunch and I had to leave early. I felt dizzy and faint and I had stomach pains. I. AM. OVER. IT. Emotionally, I am over it. Logically I know these things are not so easy to diagnose and I also know that guessing, therefore […]

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Do you hate going to the doctor?

Are you one of those people who hate going to the doctor? I’m Radioactive Robyn and I’m here to share my current experiences with my medical magicians in the hope you might change your mind. Your health is important and so much can be treated so well if detected early enough. I remember a friend who was […]

One Year Anniversary – SMOKE FREE

Feel free to leave your congratulations in the comments section! 😆🌠 For those of you out there trying – IT CAN BE DONE!

The impact of our parents on our lives

As parents we have the power to do or say things that have a life-long impact on our kids. We need to remember that at all times. As most of our readers know, I’m a little on the unwell side at the moment. Miss O 2 said the other day, “I think you’re sick because […]

If you love Australia

If you love Australia, I highly recommend you take a few minutes to read the following three articles. The first is by our master of getting to the point with humour, John Birmingham. He looks at the funding cuts to our wonderful CSIRO. Love John’s work here!  Who do these clowns think they are, lounging around […]

My version of M*A*S*H

Before you read this, please consider when I was young my sole desire in life was to be a doctor. For family reasons, that didn’t work out, but the medical process doesn’t freak me out and I do like to look on the lighter side where at all possible – it helps retain sanity! Early in […]

We’re better than this

Read the full story in The Guardian. Visit to help.

Steering Australia to where, exactly?

In a fit of drug (medical) addled frustration, I sent out a tweet. So today's summary: Kill the Barrier Reef Decimate CSIRO DV victims to be humble PM not happy re gay marriage bill Welcome to Australia — Robyn Oyeniyi (@TeamOyeniyi) November 26, 2014 There were a few follow up comments, such as A couple of suggested additions to my […]

Sarah Wilson versus Amy Stockwell: stress, “self-hate” and health

According to Sarah Wilson, Dr Habib Sadeghi “cites self-hatred as the real cause of chronic disease, particularly in women.” I’ve watched the whole TED talk video and I didn’t get that message at all. I have included the video at the end: see if you get the same message as Sarah. Maybe I just missed […]

What I’d like to say to Chris Bowen if I could

As I sit here propped up in my bed, a folder containing a string of medical referrals and tests staring at me, I can’t help but wonder how much of my health problems have been caused by what your and your staff put me through. Oh, I can never prove it, of course. But that’s […]


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