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Reflections: UN Forum On The Culture Of Peace

Originally posted on Mirth and Motivation:
“Peace is more than the end of armed conflict. Peace is a mode of behavior.” It is a “deep rooted commitment to the principles of liberty, justice, equality and solidarity among all.”  Yamoussoukro Declaration Reflections: UN Forum On The Culture Of Peace – UN Sec Gen, Ban Ki-Moon speaks…

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High Court of Australia closes detention legal loophole

The High Court of Australia has dealt another blow to the Australian Governments who have been implementing or trying to implement processes now ruled unconstitutional. Yes, that is governments (plural) because the beginnings of much of the current situation were under the previous Labor Government. Source: Diac Image Library Jan Dobson commented: @TeamOyeniyi I've been […]

Online Partner Visa Applications – Subclass 309/100

In January I wrote UPDATE: Partner Visa Subclass 309/100 Applications advising that online partner visa applications had become available. Recently a very kind reader offered to share as much information as possible from the experience of going through the process. Here I present the reader’s advice and the many screen shots taken which may assist other […]

Movie review: Lucy

Miss O 1 and Miss O 2 and I don’t often get “girl time” together. When we all liked the ads on TV for the movie “Lucy” I invited them to some mother and daughter movie time. I am very interested in the scientific debate about how much of our brain we really use and […]

100 days done and dusted

With the complication of the knee, this was a rather long 100 days BUT I GOT THERE! My objective had been a far higher number of steps than I achieved in the end, but reality has a way of reminding those over 50 that we are, well, hmmmmmm……….over 50. Even so, I did manage to […]

Bone on bone leads to 100 laps

I recently wrote about Battling Injury. At that time I was off to see a sports physician. The important things first: this is one very attractive physician. If I was younger and single, I’d have asked for another doctor so I could date this one! Not wanting to identify him, I’m call him Dr A. […]

The Four Seasons of Love

Love is a bud in springtime Fragile, vulnerable Beautiful, tantalising. Rainbows shimmer in spring rain The lovers dream of the gold The golden love to last the ages. Under the warm summer sun The bud blooms Vibrant colour, glorious perfume Beauty, passion, fertility. Autumn’s cool winds blow A petal falls, colour fades, the stem hardens The rose of love […]

Brandis bowled for a duck

Not surprisingly, I was very pleased to see the decision by Cabinet leaving George Brandis high and dry over his proposed 18C changes. Sadly this brings a lot of media coverage to Andrew Bolt, giving his irritating voice a bit more of a megaphonic melodramatic edge than usual. Brandis, the man who says we all […]


Continued from Blood spurted from the ripped flesh.  If you have just joined this story and wish to start from the beginning, go to What goes around comes around. Jones came to in excruciating pain. “Good, you’re awake.” Jones heard the familiar Australian accent and for a moment thought he was back in Canberra. “Pain”, he croaked, “Give […]

I Don’t Want “Ladies First,” But What’s With These Men?

by Rita Banerji It irritates me when a man fawningly says “Ladies First!” I find it condescending. As a woman I see myself as perfectly able as any man and see no reason for being singled out that way. Yet, by the…


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