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Whichever way you look at it, this is SO wrong

A story fluttered into my view on Facebook, that repository of factual information. I noticed a few other similar reports of the same incident and given the Here’s A Quick Recap Of All The Times Australia Treated Muslims Like Complete Garbage This Week I had read not long ago, together with the reports I was hearing on […]

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I am bragging

I have reason to brag – and so I am! I have achieved THIS major milestone! As a result of that, yesterday I was able to swim 3 kilometres! No, It didn’t take 16 hours – that is just the time I left the pool. :) I’m pretty proud of both these achievements, given my […]

Read Katherine Murphy’s The Acid Test

I’d like to draw your attention to a very interesting article on The Guardian by Katherine Murphy. Given The Guardian doesn’t have the WordPress “reblog” feature, this is the best I can do! Given that parliament seems to be on a path to deliver a bigger surveillance state and less means for whistleblowers to expose its […]

Why ebola puts the zombie apocalypse into proper perspective

Originally posted on M J Wright:
I spend quite a bit of time wondering about the zombie apocalypse. Like why I and a few drinking buddies will be sole humans out of 7 billion who aren’t turned into zombies? If I put gym treadmills outside every window on my house, will that be enough to…

Climate Change or Terrorism?

"We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it." —President Obama — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) September 23, 2014 As an Australian, I am very disappointed our Prime Minister has not seen fit to attend the UN Climate Summit 2014. I am not […]

Office 2013 is Colourless or Colorless

Now for something completely different. Technology. I have a new laptop with Windows 8 and Office 2013/Office 365. Very fancy. I like the backlit keyboard. The Start button has gone! I hear Microsoft have brought it back with Windows 9 – good move. The Office themes are too white. Whiter than white. Oh, there is […]

Australia and Torture

Australia and Torture. These are two words I never thought I’d hear or read in the same sentence. Yet this week I have. I’ve tried to ignore it, but I cannot. After all, we know about the operations of one of our closest allies, the USA. Torture | Amnesty International USA * The Bush Administration […]

Terrorists are terrorists

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear. Terrorists are terrorists. Regular readers know as an atheist I don’t have a lot of tolerance for religions. I acknowledge there are a lot of very good religious people but I believe those people are good people with or without religion: they would be great humanists. Religion didn’t make […]

Where will our kids work?

For quite some time I have been concerned about the commercial drive to move roles off-shore. I’m an accountant, I understand the business drivers to reduce costs and maximise profit. I am sure the concerns I express here were expressed in a similar fashion during the industrial revolution.

Reflections: UN Forum On The Culture Of Peace

Originally posted on Mirth and Motivation:
“Peace is more than the end of armed conflict. Peace is a mode of behavior.” It is a “deep rooted commitment to the principles of liberty, justice, equality and solidarity among all.”  Yamoussoukro Declaration Reflections: UN Forum On The Culture Of Peace – UN Sec Gen, Ban Ki-Moon speaks…


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