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Muhammad Ali in full flight – why is everything white

This video says SO much. Watch his cheeky grin and you know this is edutainment. Of course, being an atheist I can’t buy Muhammad’s “learning the truth”, HOWEVER given Islam abhors racism it is see clear why he  reverted and much of the truth he talks about IS truth (losing names and history etc).  The title in YouTube […]

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I claimed asylum before passport control not after

This experience came to my attention today. I am publishing with the permission of the writer. I have made some minor grammar and spelling corrections as requested by the writer. I came in Australia in August 2012 with a visa which I received from Australian embassy in Moscow however I’m considered as an illegal arrival […]

Grattan on Friday: Tony, pick up the phone to Barack on Ebola

By Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra Here’s a thought for Tony Abbott. Why doesn’t he ring up Barack Obama and David Cameron and ask them to help remove the impediment that’s apparently stopping the Australian government providing assistance on the ground for the West African Ebola crisis? If it is really beyond the wit of […]

Ebola – is this the Bubonic Plague of our generation?

I remember the first outbreak of ebola in 1979. It only killed a few poor, black people, right? Wasn’t impacting on the rich, white people, after all. So why worry about it? "What's wrong w/ how the West talks about Ebola in one illustration" via @Independent" — David Paul Jobling (@DJobling) October 17, […]

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Jones felt burning heat and fierce throbbing

Continued from Pain.  If you have just joined this story and wish to start from the beginning, go to What goes around comes around. Some semblance of quiet settled over the tent. The baby was quiet now and the soft murmur of the women’s voices hung in the air as a reminder of the cycle of life. It […]

Support or not? Australians donning the Hijab

Given the terrible actions against innocent Muslims in our community of late, I joined a social media group of everyday Australians supporting our Muslim brothers and sisters. Through my participation in this group I became aware of the #WISH campaign, Women in Solidarity with Hijabis.

Synvisc One and Osteoarthritis of the Knee

As regular readers know, I recently discovered I have degenerative changes in my knee, otherwise known as osteoarthritis. When I last wrote, I thought it wasn’t too bad. The doctor, I discovered, is somewhat a master at understatement. When I finally got a copy of the MRI report it had lovely words like “severe” and “advanced”, […]

The Muslim assimilation question

I have noticed questions about the integration of Muslims into Western societies, from both Muslims and non-Muslims. The questions vary, of course, but tend to boil down to two basic questions: 1) Why don’t Muslims assimilate and 2) Why do non-Muslims think we don’t assimilate? I am going to share my thoughts in an attempt […]

Muslims ARE speaking out, non-Muslims need to listen

Following on from previous articles in relation to the terror alert and the social ramifications in Australia: Terrorists are terrorists Australia and Torture Climate Change or Terrorism? Whichever way you look at it, this is SO wrong I would like to draw readers’ attention to examples of Muslims speaking out. The first is a video […]


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