The Four Seasons of Love

Love is a bud in springtime

Fragile, vulnerable

Beautiful, tantalising.

Rainbows shimmer in spring rain

The lovers dream of the gold

The golden love to last the ages.


Under the warm summer sun

The bud blooms

Vibrant colour, glorious perfume

Beauty, passion, fertility.

Autumn’s cool winds blow

A petal falls, colour fades, the stem hardens

The rose of love searches for the summer sun

Needing warmth, sustenance, protection.

Winter chills the air

Lightening flashes, thunder roars

Petals are blasted away

Dashed to the frosty ground, crushed.

Soil hardens, crippling the roots


Fitzroy Gardens Trees

Spring will come again


A new bud will form

But it is not the same

It is new.


About Team Oyeniyi

We fought to be together as a team, we are now together as a team. Team Oyeniyi

2 comments on “The Four Seasons of Love

  1. How lovely Robyn, it kind of puts everything into perspective, doesn’t it?


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