Green and Gold

It is easy to see why the national colours of Australia are green and gold. I snapped these at a local park. The native trees are starting to blossom. Click on the gallery to see full size. Green and gold everywhere!

Now heavily into Stage 2 of the Global Corporate Challenge, I have been swimming and walking like crazy. Plus it has been end of financial year: time is short. So short in fact we missed a few lunchtime walks and that makes hitting 12,000 steps a day a bit harder. Sometimes we even forget to remove our runners when we DO get out!

Not a professional look!

Not a professional look!

I remembered at 4 pm – too late to bother changing! Given the challenge is sponsored by the company, I was excused!

I have achieved that full Iron Man trophy I was after! I am NEVER getting on the bike again though – my knee complains bitterly!

Iron Man

You’ve completed a Full Ironman distance of 3.9km (2.4mi) swim, 180km (111.8mi) ride and a full marathon 42.2km (26.2mi). Few achieve this so be very proud of your achievement.

Not all in one day! Participants accumulate the distances over the days of the Challenge. I walked, I did not run!

My co-worker/co-walker and I varied our route the other day to take us past the MCG.

COLD day

COLD day

The GCC is running a picture competition. We need a photo with our Pulse (the pedometer) getting our steps in an interesting place. As the MCG was the main stadium for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, it is interesting! It was SUCH a cold day, the picture quality suffered!


I have managed to collect some flowers though. Today the gym was closed due to electricity works, so it was out and about again on the streets. I finally found a yellow rose. All the colours I’ve collected over the last 40 days, I’d not found a yellow rose.

Not the Yellow Rose of Texas

Not the Yellow Rose of Texas

I also found this little group I really liked.


These were stunning in the morning sunshine, I called them firebrands. I gather these aren’t even looking like flowering in Canberra (Canbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra) and I keep saying we are having a warm winter in Melbourne.


I found a few more over the last few days. The bush that looks like it has been snowed on I found intriguing.

My full trophy cabinet so far (today is day 40 of 100 days):

Trophy Cabinet

Not bad for a Baby Boomer!


How do I feel overall? Great! My only problem is my grumpy knee which is healing and the fact the scales haven’t budged. People have said ignore the scales for the first six weeks, so I am trying to but it is hard. My shape has changed and I am wearing clothes I haven’t worn in a while, but I still want those numbers to drop. I’m steering away from rice (a staple around here).  I must try to drink more water too. I swam 1,500 metres yesterday and there is a mini-challenge next weekend for which I am aiming to swim 2,000 metres. Fingers crossed.

A tip for people looked at doing this next year: if you are an inactive desk jockey, work up to the 10,000 steps a day BEFORE the Challenge starts. Also make sure you have supportive runners if you have flat feet like me. Don’t leap on the bike and expect to do 20 km rides from nothing. I was silly! My knee issue is a combination of sudden overuse, bad runners and the bike. Physiotherapist told me to stay off the bike, but I was only 10 kms from that Iron Man trophy, so I snuck in 3 kms one night and finished the 7 off the next night. NOW I’m staying OFF the bike until my knee is 100% perfect. Well, as perfect as a baby boomer knee can be……..

More flowers from my walks can be found in the list below:

About Team Oyeniyi

We fought to be together as a team, we are now together as a team. Team Oyeniyi

11 comments on “Green and Gold

  1. […] out walking again – slowly and for short periods of time. As during the GCC last year, I can’t resist collecting pretty flowers in my […]


  2. Well done Robyn. Don’t worry about the numbers on the scales. A few years ago I decided to start eating healthy [blood pressure & cholesterol issues]. I NEVER looked or stepped on a set of scales. All of a sudden [about 6 months in] the weight started dropping. Still stayed away from the scales [I knew it was dropping because I had to start getting new clothes], until finally about a year after I started my GP convinced me to step on a set in her office. I never ever step on scales other than when I am there. I have lost over around 40 kilos, and managed to keep it off…but I still never step on scales. I think that is why for the first time I succeeded. It was not about the numbers but about being healthy and well.


    • Fantastic Jo!

      I weighed myself this morning and have broken a barrier! I am now in the “decade” I’m aiming to get to the bottom of. But you are right. Concentrate on health, no weight. The GCC is good because it takes your mind off the scales. The focus is on activity. Where we all need it to be!


  3. You ran a marathon? Wow!


    • No, no! Not in one hit. Just over the days of the challenge so far! Oh, I’d better make that clear! I wrote it as if readers understood the way it works and that was silky of me! I don’t run: at all.

      No, we get the trophy for covering the distance over days and days. We do have to get enough swimming and cycling and walking though.

      Thank you for thinking it possible though! :)


    • Updated! Thank you for pointing that out! :)


  4. Oh how our love our native flowers, the green and gold of Australia is everywhere!
    Take care of that knee……


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