Walking photos

I was so busy celebrating the end of Stage 1 of the current fitness regime, I didn’t share my walk photos. I hadn’t walked as much last week due to the grumpy knee, but I do have some. Not all are flowers.

One day was quite overcast and the park near my office was not as bright as usual. Click on the gallery to see the full size images

Saturday morning I took a very short stroll around the block and found some new flowers.

I loved the pansies. For some reason I don’t recall, they reminded me of my childhood. These multi-coloured roses I find intriguing. How did they develop these varieties, I wondered?

The challenge all this is about is having a photo competition. We have to have a photo of us with our pedometer somewhere exotic. One of the photos on the competition poster is of a the participant on a camel with the pyramids in the background. As pretty as my flowers are, I’m not sure they constitute an exotic location. Although I suppose Australia is exotic to those from other places! :) Another problem is my pedometer is not in any of the photos, although that could be arranged (no pun intended).

More flowers from my walks can be found in the list below:

I think I might have to reduce the number of walking photo articles as that list could get rather long over 100 days!

The other new is: the scales actually moved in the right direction this morning! My shape has been changing, but the scales hadn’t moved. I was VERY HAPPY to see the number move in the right direction! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow morning.

About Team Oyeniyi

We fought to be together as a team, we are now together as a team. Team Oyeniyi

6 comments on “Walking photos

  1. Great shots!! And good for you girl xoxo


  2. It’s always a thrill to see the scales move in the right direction….well done, your efforts have not been in vain!
    Lovin’ all your photos.


    • FINALLY it happened Barbara. Took 26 days of solid effort. They scales went down another .8 of a kilo this morning so I am happy. Swam 600 metres before work today. Just as well as the weather was terrible so no lunchtime walk.


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