Are YOU a Mr Idiot Driver

As I am wont to do at the end of the work day, I departed the office . I then stopped to spend an exorbitant $101 on diesel. I continued my homeward journey along Victoria Parade and St, heading to Dynon Road and the freeway.

Approaching the set of lights at an intersection around Peel Street, the lights turning amber, I glanced behind me to see if it was safe to stop, as you do.

There was a little grey car behind me with roof racks. The driver was male. Quite a reasonable looking male, I think. I couldn’t really see though, because this driver was rather, shall we say,  preoccupied. We have laws about the use of mobile phones in cars, I think there are a few other devices we need to add to the list, in this day of mobile, cordless devices.


His face, nothing hmmmmmm, lower, thankfully.

When I turned at Hawke Street. he was STILL behind me and STILL SHAVING!

You can check out the ensuing Twitter conversation by clicking on the timestamp!

He nearly ran up the back of me twice because he was so busy feeling his face, then shaving a bit, then feeling his face again. At least that is what he was doing at the lights and trust me, I was keeping an eagle eye on him as I approached the next set of lights. And the next.

Reminded me of the woman who walked into moving traffic in front of me while engrossed in her smartphone.

Behind the wheel of a car IS NOT a place to be shaving. I don’t care if you have a date with the Queen of Sheba, keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

And they wonder why women live longer than men…….

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8 comments on “Are YOU a Mr Idiot Driver

  1. I have seen people eating while driving, have seen someone reading a newspaper at traffic lights, but still that means they aren’t paying attention to the traffic, and of course texting and talking on the mobile!
    Not long ago I was hit from behind by an unlicensed and uninsured driver talking on the phone, so no wonder he didn’t notice I had stopped at a stop sign!


  2. I have seen a woman putting on mascara white driving in peak hour traffic. I still wonder how she didn’t crash!


    • I’ve NEVER done it while actually moving! I changed “been” to “seen” as I thought that was what you meant, btw!

      I was hit from behind in December, so I am very conscious of the possibility at the moment and do keep a look out for the drivers behind me.


  3. Shaving…haven’t seen that one but have seen plenty other idiotic things. I travel the Pacific Highway between Gold Coast & Brisbane fairly regularly. See heaps of crazy thing people do while driving at 110 klms per hour….including reading the newspaper and texting. Your experiences gives a whole new meaning to close shave!!!


  4. I laughed at the last sentence but kind of ruefully. I’ve seen women drivers putting on mascara while driving; texting while driving; disciplining the kids and combing their hair while driving and, of course, the ever present mobile stuck to the ear while zig-zagging in the lane; stopping for green lights and round abouts without traffic.


    • I will admit to mascara, but ONLY while at the lights. One eye per intersection fits nicely. And rarely.

      I saw one guy eating a bowl of cereal once. On a freeway off ramp.

      Stopping for green lights seems rather weird! :)

      I see a LOT talking on mobiles.


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