It seems it is now confirmed I am defective

I am sitting here asking myself if I am actually ill. According to one Kirstie Allsopp of the UK, cleaning toilets and ironing and “regularising” one’s home is therapeutic. Therapeutic?

You think I am kidding? I wish I was.

“I’m absolutely convinced that those repetitive tasks that one does everyday, organising and regularising one’s home, and keeping it tidy, is enormously therapeutic,” she says.


WOW! I agree with the author of the above article. I love a nice clean and tidy home. I do. Do I like the BORING (Kirstie conveniently left that word out) repetitive tasks required to achieve that? Not a hope in hell! Do I find ironing therapeutic? Not a hope in hell of that either. I did once meet a woman who swore for her ironing was, indeed, therapeutic: good for her. I hate ironing so much that any potential mate in my life, including my husband, could expect to get told “I don’t iron” well before we got to discussing favourite horizontal gymnastics!

I am VERY glad to hear I am NOT the only one!

According to Kasey Edwards, Kirstie must have absolutely NO time to do housework as she is too busy building a business empire telling us all how to be women, yet she suggests we should all absolutely LOVE doing the housework she no longer has time to do! If she is so keen on housework, I have some for her and I will let her do it all for FREE, I won’t even charge her for the privilege!

You see, for me, the problem is nothing is ever actually finished.

Cooking: never-ending. Kids and husbands actually EAT the stuff and the next meal it has to be done all over again.

Ironing: don’t even get me started! Yes, I know Mr Abbott lives in a dream world where all Australian women iron like a whirling dervish, but I’m not in that dream world of his!

Laundry: another never-ending task. Clean clothes are dirty again before you blink, especially when one child can wear three outfits a day.

Shower recess: There is nothing I hate more than a spot of mold in the shower grouting which is why I try every spray on the market to ensure none develops in the first place.

Dishes: Thank goodness for dishwashers and children.

Dusting: Less said the better, I think.

I think my problem goes back to the days when my partner of the time and I were both working full-time and studying part-time. We had someone come in four hours a week to do the major stuff otherwise we had no weekends at all. Would I have a Brady Bunch housekeeper now if we could afford it? TOO DAMN RIGHT! And no, I would not be cleaning up before the housekeeper came to clean.

After the last month on social media it seems I am not a feminist, I am a racist and now I am not even a woman.  One thing I do know, despite all the labels people might like to attach, I am a human being! :D

Please share your LEAST favourite housekeeping task in the comments – let’s all show Kirstie we are not about to be made to feel guilty because we don’t iron!

Life is about choice. I am certainly not against those women and men who do love domesticity, but I’ll be damned if I’ll be told if I don’t find it therapeutic I am somehow defective.

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21 comments on “It seems it is now confirmed I am defective

  1. At my age (79) all these issues seem to become less important for I do not have a large family to look after any more.

    When recently I ended up with severe carpal tunnel syndrome there were a lot of things I could not do well. I can only say that I am very glad that after my little operation I am now on the way to do much more again. I value being able to do certain things without having to ask someone to help me.

    Still, it’s nice to have someone close by who is always willing to give a helping hand when required! :-)


  2. What’s an iron? :mrgreen:
    We don’t even own one.

    I’d rather wear wrinkles than spend time ironing.


  3. Someone called you not a feminist and also racist and now your not a woman O.o. With you on the labels, especially the judgmental ones.

    Well I hate all of it but mostly ironing ( I was a steward in the Navy and worked as a Commodores Valet , so much ironing ick).
    Raymond is the only one in the house that irons now but that is for work.
    How will Mr. Abbott cope with that since it is only Australian women who iron.

    Not long after being married Raymond’s Uncle had come over to visit. Anyway I was mowing the lawn and he said that is not a wife’s job you should be inside cooking and cleaning O.o.
    I wanted to run him over with the lawnmower but thought that not a good idea or even an option lol. I told him both Raymond and I do the housework if you have an issue that I suggest you don’t come back. I edited out all the swearing I did at him. I was extremely angry.


  4. Amazing isn’t it that, even in our progressive society, housework and the responsibilities and completion thereof can still be a flashpoint.

    I think I’m one of the lucky ones, cleanliness aside, I can happily ignore a messy house. Possibly this is because I grew up with a mother and father who always had more important (read interesting) things going on in their lives and included us in almost everything. It probably also helps that my mother, who wasn’t in the paid workforce but volunteered for many a good cause, asked very little from my brother and I in that regard. Her mantra was “you’ve got years to be an adult, enjoy your childhood”.

    I can understand the relaxation in a less demanding task, it frees the mind, but I’ll stick to reviewing my to do lists or catching up with correspondence. Housework is, for me, far less rewarding and far less enjoyable. It is, with all the negative connotations and none of the pleasures, WORK.

    Happily for me, I have an angel who visits every week and is worth much more than the hour a week per family member that she is paid. Happily for me, I find those who wish to tie my femininity and self worth to the tidiness of my home either laughable or pathetic. And to my father and husband, both of whom are more capable with household tasks and equally committed to a life centred around being happy more than being neat, thanks guys.

    Oh, and if you get a minute, someone ought do a laundry load, but I’ve got a lunch to go to and I’m going to enrol in that counselling course I’ve been considering. Partner is online searching for parts for his restoration project, son is out surfing, younger daughter travelling in central america and eldest is at work. Anyone needing some housework to help them relax, just call. I’m always ready to help. Anyone needing to undermine Robyn, or anyone else, perhaps you can be my counselling guinea pig. I’m sure I can share a few tricks on concentrating on the important stuff


  5. Don’t take any notice, she’s a barmcake !


  6. Gah…I hate ironing too…that and the bathroom cleaning.


  7. Where do I start? I don’t iron — we buy clothes which doesn’t have to be ironed. As for the rest, I do it because I have to, I don’t find it therapeutic at all.
    I know that some women find some housekeeping tasks therapeutic, it calms them down and what not, but I’m not one of them. Then again, I used to hear I wasn’t womanly enough, maybe that’s why. :lol: (I don’t hear it anymore, because I tend to avoid people who insist on telling me what I’m supposed to be like)


  8. Only therapeutic thing about housework is, I do like organisation and if the house is not clean, can cause stress and tension much easier to get it over and done with.

    Can remember cooking lots of cup cakes years ago, kids and friends came in ate most of them left me with the mess. I was feeling tired and tried not to cry. Husband laughed and said that is why you cooked them. Then he went and sat down continued to read the paper. That is the life of a Mother who works, does most of the housework and cooking to be repeated again and again..


  9. Well Robyn I must be super defective as I dont really like any of it. I am no domestic godess thats for sure. I have been married 42 years..early days there was a high expectation (not from husband) that clean house, ironing done, Cordon Bleu meals ever day was a sign of a “good housewife” ..now husband is a better cook than me, we share cleaning only so its done and kids dont have us committed lol..too much to do in life for housework.


  10. I clean toilets for a living, can confirm, not therapeutic.


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