Australian Partner Visa fees have risen again

Today I did another talk at a CPD event for migration agents. I discovered the fees have risen YET AGAIN! I no longer keep tabs on the increases as my family are here now.

One agent told be about a client of hers paying an exorbitant amount in fees and related costs (medicals, and so on) as he has six children – now there is a fee per child. When we applied in 2010 there was no fee per child.

Earlier this year I wrote “User pays or profiteering? Partner Visa fees” about what I saw as profiteering back then. The latest changes encourage me to use even stronger language.

I calculated the fees NOW for my husband and children would be over $6,000 –  just in the Department of Immigration visa fee, excluding the rest of the related costs. As discussed in that article, there is no refund of fees if the visa is denied. On-shore applications are even more expensive.

Where else in this country do you hand over $6,000 and GET NOTHING IN RETURN?

Partner Visa Fees as at September 1, 2013

Partner Visa Fees as at September 1, 2013

My concerns expressed in my earlier article stand. Love is for the rich only in Australia. Taking money for nothing (in the case of a denial) also seems to be acceptable government practice now.

Furthermore those granted protection visas, refugees, are now told it will take TEN YEARS to be reunited with a partner and children under the humanitarian visa path, a partner visa will be faster. Yes, refugees always have thousands lying around spare for this sort of thing.

I am SO ANGRY I can’t write any more about this right now!

Later follow-up: Are Australian Partner Visa fees similar to comparable nations

Fees update January 2015Australian Partner Visa fee increases AGAIN

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11 comments on “Australian Partner Visa fees have risen again

  1. I don’t know what to say Robyn. It’s outrageous, scandalous, unconscionable. As far as I’m concerned it is the inalienable right of any citizen to make their partner a citizen too. That’s how it was for me when I came here, that’s how it will be in Scotland when I’m in charge, and if I found myself in that situation again then I would be a major thorn in their side, because I simply wouldn’t be able to bring myself to comply with such an unfair and punitive system. I’d stand on my rights. I’d insist that it is my absolute right to bring my partner in, and nobody, yes you heard right Mr Immigration man, NOBODY, including you, has any right to stop or hinder me. Lay a finger on me (or my partner or my kids) and I’ll call the local police and have you arrested for assault.

    I know what you’re thinking, that would never work. Well, you have to carry it off with the right degree of unsinkable confidence and authority, but it has worked for me before. When I first came to Australia I was here for about eighteen months, during which time I got my Australian citizenship, but then my partner and I wanted to go and live in Glasgow for a while. The British consulate here in Melbourne wanted us to purchase an ‘accompanying spouse’ visa, and charge us 50 or 100 bucks, nothing like what these people are extorting, but enough to raise my hackles. I refused. We arrived at Heathrow and were duly asked about the missing visa. I got ‘oot ma pram’ and did my outraged citizen routine, adding further that as I was born and brought up in Scotland, and Heathrow’s in England, I would not recognise the right of any English person or agency to restrict or hinder my travel to Scotland, or to question my residency rights once I got there. It only took them a minute or two to realise that I am FAR more trouble than I’m worth and issue the appropriate visa, gratis, on the spot.

    Never underestimate the power of finely judged outrage, and a well-placed, “How dare you….!”


    • My favourite word there is “unconscionable”. It is indeed. By the way the Ombudsman did not change his/her review findings of the CDDA claim on review. I guess the next stage is the “gratis” application. Or Federal Court but can’t find grounds.

      The Department policing itself is a major problem too. Also unconscionable – what entity willing admits their errors?


  2. They make these shocking charges to pay for refugee prisons.


    • The no refund if the visa is denied is just beyond comprehension. Maybe there should be a processing fee and a visa fee, the latter refundable in case of a denial.

      There is a new comment on my original article that is really sad. Couple want to come home but have no way of affording the fees.


  3. Emigration to Australia is now for the rich only! All visa fees have gone up from 1st July, and as you say now each member of the family pays a fee unlike before when it was one fee for the whole family. Then there are medicals, accreditation of overseas studies, translation of documents, Ielts exams, etc, etc. My son just got his PR a couple of weeks ago and we shelled out close to $6000 just for him!!


    • It really is totally unacceptable. Particularly with family type visas.

      Hope our kids don’t fall in love travelling after uni – the costs would kill us after our own battle!


    • Was sad to hear Twitter contact tell me today it will cost her $10,000 including air fares and if they are denied they cannot afford to appeal. On top of thst, it leaves no miney to apply elsewhere (e.g. her husband’s country) for a visa. Just like we couldn’t afford to risk applying to NZ. It all costs way too much and the no refund is just robbery.


  4. Wait. What? So if I get married here in Germany and if by some miracle the Australian government chooses to recognise same-sex marriages and I want to return to Australia to live with my wife. I have to pay $3,000 for her visa?? Then if we have kids, they get charged almost $1,000? That is madness. Who has this kind of money?


    • Same sex relationships are accepted on the same grounds as de-facto partnerships. I have a friend who has been down that path. But yes, those are the current fees. Add on medicals, x-rays, police clearances, legal fees, air fares…… and the costs of an appeal if you get a denial first up.


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