Announcing the Giveaway winner

Print edition cover

Print edition cover

As I write this winner of the Giveaway announcement, I am not at all sure what to say.

You see, the winner is someone who, to me, exists only on Twitter, incognito. I really didn’t expect this person to win, but the rules are the rules and into the draw that person went.

Miss 18 duly drew out the name. Jules. Otherwise currently known as @SydDarwin, to be found at http://twitter.com/SydDarwin. Since the election this parody account has evolved from the many Julia Gillard names it wore.

I did point out that should Jules (I can’t quite switch over to the new “Syd” just yet) win, the person behind the mask would need to break cover in order for me to deliver the prize. I was told:

I have no idea what hotel that might be.

I also have NO idea what this person may think of the book or say about it. Perhaps I should have rigged the draw, but that isn’t me so I’ll just have to live with the trepidation. For those who may not know, Jules and I have had several Twitter encounters which hopefully may have brought some entertainment to both sides of politics. We did work hard at not hating each other, although I understand I didn’t do Jules’ blood pressure any favours with my Sex Appeal in Politics article.

Congratulations, Jules.

Now where do I send this?

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