So what is happening in our world?

CupsNo politics, no feminism! Aren’t you glad? :lol: Just Team Oyeniyi and what we are all doing.

Mr O has been finishing off assignments for the school part of his apprenticeship, studying every night. Yesterday he gave his first ever talk to an audience (classmates) in English. Being the perfectionist he is about his English, he was very, very nervous and was still checking correct grammar before leaving the house. I am pleased to report all went well and he was very happy with his teacher’s feedback!

Mr O Jnr 2 has not had a good month. I think it is the age. Thirteen is difficult! He broke a window, got a detention (for missing another detention) and a few other minor things like bouncing a basketball on my baby plants! :cry: He has said to me “I am having a bad month, Mum”. It does seem that way, but I am sure we all have them!


Miss O 1 is wrapping up Year 12. We spent last night on the computer finalising (I think) her VTAC application. I hope we got it right! I have sent her back to school with some questions, in case we have missed anything. She did a beautiful Food Technology portfolio! The photos are two of her finished products!

Mr O Jnr 1 has had to make decisions about his VCE (Years 11 and 12) subjects and has been struggling with making choices at such a young age when he is unclear about what he wants to do as a grown-up. When I met him in Nigeria in 2010, he wanted to be a doctor (something he now denies, but I remember it well). Since then he has wanted to be a lawyer, an actor, a plumber and an electrician. We are still on electrician at the moment! His latest maths test did not go so well, yet he had studied quite hard for it. He tells me most of the class struggled and many have to resit the test, so we will see what happens.

Miss O 2 turns eleven next week and is rather excited about it all. Earlier this week she presented me with her Science Fair booklet. Reading the deadline dates I noticed she was rather LATE!

“This is very late, young lady, you should have handed in your choice already!”

“I lost it.”

“Why didn’t you ask for another copy?”

“I never got one, I was at my special English class.”

“Hang on! You either lost it OR you didn’t get one – one of those statements is a lie, so what exactly happened?”

“I’m not lying, Mum!”

Either way, we are now behind the eight ball for the Science Fair project!

The back fence is looking decidedly shaky so a call to the estate agent was required this week.

Me? I’m working on a secret project. Plus work. Plus my veggie patch. Plus all of the above. Plus this website. Plus I need sleeeeeeeppppppppp…………..

All in all – a pretty normal, hectic, Australian household. I think.

About Team Oyeniyi

We fought to be together as a team, we are now together as a team. Team Oyeniyi

10 comments on “So what is happening in our world?

  1. Normal, yes! Her food pics are beautiful! Also, it gets easier. Promise. Never underestimate the weight of transition. Happy for this update!


  2. Aha, you’re writing your next book!


  3. I totally know how Mr O feels :) glad to hear all is well!


  4. Congratulations to Mr O for a well presented talk, it takes guts to speak in public, it certainly makes me super nervous… Busy life as usual for you!


    • Mr O is fine in his own language. He was a politician after all. It is speaking publically in English that made him nervous.

      I have a staff member with similar fears: I encouraged him and got him to speak a first time and that “unleashed the beast”! Now we can’t keep him quiet! oI smile every time he gets up to present. :)


  5. What fun it all sounds getting on with life:)


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