Drowning in a plethora of political parties

Colours of Australia

Colours of Australia

Really, we haven’t vanished. Work is flat out, Miss O 1 is in the final stages of Year 12, Mr O Jnr 1 is deciding what subjects to do for VCE, Mr O is working and studying and life is just, well, 24/7 it seems.

On top of that I am trying to be on a health kick and fit some exercise into already packed days as well as a secret assignment I have in progress.

The days aren’t long enough, the nights are too short and we all seem to be exhausted!

Of course, on Saturday Australia heads to the polling booths to vote for a government. The choices are not inspiring and I commented today that the more Tony Abbott campaigns the more I suspect he may be an escapee from Jurassic Park. I’m not, obviously, overly enamoured of the other main lot either.

Luckily, in Australia, we have a plethora of political parties vying for our votes.

For a full list, check out the Australian Electoral Commission official list.

Here are a few I particularly like (the names of, anyway):

Reading this list, an overseas visitor might assume that Australians are pirates who smoke marijuana with a little coke thrown in while spending the weekend fishing and having sex in “lifestyle” activities.

I probably just made all the above parties slightly annoyed with me. Oh, well, the two main ones probably are already, so a few smaller ones hardly makes a difference! :lol:

Everyone, enjoy your voting this Saturday and remember, your vote is NOT wasted!

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2 comments on “Drowning in a plethora of political parties

  1. Lol, with those weird names I wonder if anybody can take them seriously. Even though I can’t vote, I’ve had a few laughs with some of the comments made during the campaign…


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