I LOVE announcing winners!

Last week I noticed this website was approaching the rather significant comment total of 10,000. While it would be nice if that figure excluded my own comment replies, that isn’t the way WordPress works so I went with the flow and recognised 10,000 comments by giving away two signed copies of LOVE VERSUS GOLIATH.

The Redneck Princess

The Redneck Princess

The first winner was the reader who made comment number 10,000.

This was Donna Holland aka The Redneck Princess. Donna has followed this site for as long as I can remember (which at my age may not be as long as I think it is).  Congratulations Donna and thank you for all your support over the years.

Donna recently wrote about stealing photos, so to advertise her, I’m stealing her photo! :D

The second winner was drawn, very dramatically by Mr O Jnr 2 with stage quality flourishes, from all the other names submitted via comments during the period of the competition.

This winner was Angel011 of A Kitty Dreaming About Wings. Angel011 has also been a long-time reader of this website.

From Angel’s About page:

Used to write for a living (educational TV shows for children, magazine articles, short stories) and do yoga. Now translating for a living and taking fencing lessons. Hopes to write for a living again and wants to adopt every cat she sees.

Both winners were, OF COURSE, located on the other side of the world! Postage is a killer! Donna’s book has been sent and Angel011 is in possession of an e-book as a short-term solution until I send a package off to her part of the world!

That’s all from me for now, folks! If you are looking for a wealth of reading, may I recommend you pop over to Hoyden about Town who are hosting the 62nd Down Under Feminists Carnival.  Lots of links to lots of writing to keep you busy!

About Team Oyeniyi

We fought to be together as a team, we are now together as a team. Team Oyeniyi

10 comments on “I LOVE announcing winners!

  1. I already said it, but I doubt it can be said too many times (no, I’m not challenging anyone :lol: ): Thanks for the book!


  2. Thanks Robyn…not sure why the link won’t work site is up and running at http://theredneckprincess.net


  3. Amazing numbers, both in followers and comments. You are to be applauded for a real achievement. I have started to follow you so \I can take a closer look at what makes you popular when I have a little more time


  4. Congratulations to both winners.


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