A little goat for dinner

I haven’t posted a recipe for a while. Goat is something that might be a little different for most of our regular readers, so here it is! This works equally well with lamb or beef, but cook beef over a low heat for longer than goat or lamb.


1 kilo diced goat meat – $8.99 kg
1 kilo prawn meat – $15 kg
7 ground red peppers – remember a “grinder” is really a blender – $2.49 kg 
Silver-beet – I used three leaves short of a bunch from Coles, probably could have used all
4 tomatoes – $1.50 kg
2 onions
bay leaves
chilli flakes
stock cubes (I use 3 – 4)


Chop the silver-beet and parboil. Set aside to drain well.



While the silver-beet is boiling, blend the capsicums, onions and tomatoes



Brown the goat meat in the bottom of the pan in hot oil. Note that traditionally the meat would be boiled and then deep fried. I do not do this as I avoid deep frying for health reasons.



Rinse the prawn meat.



Pour red sauce over the goat meat, add beef stock (goat stock is hard to find), salt, bay leaves, basil and chilli flakes.

Simmer for about 15 – 20 minutes over a low heat.

Add silver-beet and prawn meat.

Cook until tasty!



Serve over rice – lots of rice.

I forgot to take a picture of the final dish! :lol: I’ll never make a cook book author!

Note that sometimes red capsicums can be very expensive. Also the numbers I have given above depend on the size. If small, you will need more. The tomatoes I used today were quite small, if you have large tomatoes you would need less.

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5 comments on “A little goat for dinner

  1. Well you are lucky, as I brought some goats meat very small for a treat to try cost me about $14.99 will try your recipe though sounds and looks really nice.


    • Thanks Maureen! We do all our meat shopping at the Vic Market – couldn’t afford to feed us otherwise! :)

      We use at least a kilo of meat any meal, sometimes more – for example, we need at least a 2kg leg of lamb to go around.


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