Ban automated phone calls

English: This is an example of the angst cause...

English: This is an example of the angst caused by the use of a telephone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems Australian businesses have embraced technology beyond the realms that should be considered acceptable in a civilised society. I’m suggesting we all rise up and refuse to accept these terrible calls.

I wrote a while ago about these, when I received some from Telstra which took forever to sort out.  Yesterday I received some more from another company. The problem was these were made to both my home phone AND my mobile. One of my kids was home and it was quite a scary experience for them. I, of course, was at work. The first one I received on my mobile didn’t even work properly (nor did the calls to the house, I am told).

“This is an important call for” and then the line would go dead. Terrific.

I personally find these calls quite scary (and I don’t scare easily). I detest them. I will close my accounts at any organisation that insists on using this impersonal and scary method of communication. I have told yesterday’s calling company in no uncertain terms if I receive another automated call, I will close my account immediately. It is possible to be removed from the “service”.

Do not use “private numbers” to call me. Have a number I can see. I will NOT provide identifying information to an automated call. I have absolutely no proof the call is from where it is purported to be from and with the level of identity fraud these days (and the warnings re security and fraud) I could be giving information to be used in identity fraud. Even if a company has a real life staff member pick up the phone and make a proper phone call, do not expect me to give identifying information over the phone unless I initiated the call to your company: you call with a private number and I have no idea you are who YOU purport to be!

Why on earth do these companies think this practice is even remotely acceptable? Or think customers are going to accept such calls without concern or complaint?

The number of search terms I get wondering if the Telstra calls are scams or not clearly indicates to me that customers are worried about these calls.

I do not like my kids being scared by these calls. I don’t like these calls.

I strongly suggest companies re-think their use of this technology. I’m an IT professional. I like computers. Technology is a wonderful thing. I couldn’t live without my smartphone (well, OK, really, I could, but…. :lol:). There is absolutely no excuse for this particular use of technology.

Do I have a solution? YES! Text messages! My electricity company will send a text message. It reads something along the lines of “This is a reminder from [Company Name]. You may have overlooked your payment due dd/mm/yy. Please call 9999-9999 …..” I am far more inclined to trust the text message than I am to trust an automated call asking for identifying information. I can verify the number provided does actually belong to the company and am more than happy to call back or simply just pay the bill!

If you also find these calls scary or you feel uncomfortable about them, speak up. Tell the company you do not like them and asked to ensure you do not receive any more of them.

I will not take the calls. I refuse. I suggest we all do! Please share your thoughts on this ghastly new business practice!

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7 comments on “Ban automated phone calls

  1. I totally agree, I hate phone solicitation on every level. It should seriously be illegal. I agree with you on the text message thing, that works for me too xoxo


  2. I used to get lots of cold calling from people trying to sell things like help to deal with mis selling of PPI etc. I would pick up the phone and if no-one spoke I’d put it on the table without hanging up – if you don’t speak it doesn’t trigger the automated message. Eventually there could be up to ten calls a day and I found that there was a website to register on where you could get your number removed from these lists they work from. So far touch wood its peaceful these days!


  3. Thanks for the warning. I definitely do not like talking to a machine.


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