A typical family day

Well, perhaps not totally typical, but close to it as far as the running around!

First stop of the day was Mr O Jnr 2 at the Orthopaedic Clinic of the Royal Children’s Hospital! Lovely Doctor (and ladies, I DO mean lovely) and great clinic staff. Poor Mr O Jnr 2 had his legs twisted and rotated and stretched and the doctor wrote down a whole lot of angles. Then he suggested we go off for a CAT scan and the hospital very kindly managed to fit us in as we were already there. We have an appointment with a specialist in about six weeks.

In the meantime, Mr O had headed to the doctor himself as he was feeling unwell. Miss O 1 hitched a ride to go earring shopping for her Year 12 Formal. When I arrived back from the hospital I received a call from hubby saying he had dropped Miss O 1 off and she wanted to be picked up again but he was still waiting to see a doctor.

Not a problem, Mum to the rescue and off I dashed to collect Miss O 1. She was a little sad as she had been unable to find earrings she was happy with. Her dress needed statement earrings. In a small shopping centre a stones throw from home there are a couple of small boutiques. I thought they might just have something and I was right! (Phew!!)

Then it was off to the nail salon for matching nails! This was not something Miss O 1 had experienced before and she was being SO careful afterwards not to damage the good work!

Home and time for Mum to wave the magic make-up wand. Finally we had a young woman with sparkling eyes in a sparkling dress. The picture quality is lousy, but with no natural light it was hard to get a good shot.

The Party Princess

The Party Princess

My day ended with a lovely surprise of a birthday cake and balloons organised by the younger three. Very special they are! It was Mr O Jnr 2’s birthday last week and mine earlier this week and we really haven’t had a chance to celebrate anything!

I thought I’d written quite enough political commentary lately and needed to get back to the core of Love versus Goliath!

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11 comments on “A typical family day

  1. […] O Jnr 2 has given permission for me to share his medical journey, which we commenced some time ago but really got underway today at the Gait Laboratory of the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH). […]


  2. What a lovely mum and your children are all beautiful. I’m an African too, so feel connected to your story. Charmione x


  3. Miss O 1 looks absolutely fabulous! And it’s great you could have some belated birthday celebrations. Wishing the family good luck too with further medical appointments. I know these appointments can keep you busy. However it’s a good thing that medical treatments like this are available.


    • Thanks re Miss O 1 and yes, I agree – we in Australia are very well served by our health system and I strongly encourage other countries to at least try to come close to our model of public health!


  4. The whole outfit looks great – LOVE those shoes though…I have shoe-envy! :-D


    • I HAVE to pass that on to the young lady in question! :)

      Are you here yet?


      • Please do! I would love to wear shoes like that, sadly I think I would just fall and break my leg :-p. Little way off gracing Aussie shores yet – we are attempting to get our flights booked within the next few days. Leaning towards flying around mid November via Singapore and Kuala Lumpur at the moment.


      • England to here is a long haul whichever way you look at it!

        The shoes may not have stayed on as long as one might have expected, I am lead to believe! :wink:


  5. She looks amazing and what a brave young man!


    • You’d be surprised – I think we might have a doctor in the making – he LOVES that hospital! I don’t think he understands why he loves it yet, but I think he will understand when he is a little older. I really think he wants to be a doctor but is scared of the responsibility. He once said to me “but what if I killed someone?”. I think THAT is very deep thinking for a 13 year-old and I think deep down that maybe what he wants to do.


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