Dress shopping

Oh, yes. It is THAT time of the year: Year 12 Formal dress shopping time.

Mr O and I were going to go out last night for our anniversary, but it was SOOOOOOOOO cold we decided on a quiet celebratory drink at home and a brunch outing today, in what we hoped would be lovely autumn sunshine. No, we woke to cold and cloudy! After Mr O got up to watch a 4:30 AM soccer match, by the time we eventually did get to brunch it was much more like lunch! Consequently, shopping time for the elusive dress was cut a little short. Just as well we have a few more weeks to go before the main event.  Brunch was delicious though and we did have some time alone! YAY!

Bandage dresses seem to be the in thing, but Miss O 1 is rather tiny – THE shop of the moment with the younger set didn’t have small enough sizes.

We tried on four dresses in total, looked at a lot of others, but came home dressless. There were a couple of dresses that nearly made the grade, but not quite! Sorry, no modelling happening – it was all too stressful, this shopping.

One dress under consideration

One dress under consideration

The second dress Miss O 1 REALLY loved, but the top just didn’t fit quite right, sadly. Alterations would have been required. The next size down may have been OK, but they didn’t have one in stock.

The favourite

The favourite

We are told the shop will be receiving a shipment late next week, so we will go back and see what we can find!

Then there will be dress-specific undergarments required and the right shoes and make-up and the problematic hair.

We did see a lot of black dresses, but black is not a colour Miss O 1 chooses too often. As she pointed out (when I complained about the sea of black dresses), white people wear a lot of black and there are a lot of white people here! :D Black is often called Melbourne’s uniform, especially in winter. Even a trip to Myer Miss Melbourne failed to produce anything other than many black dresses!

Back to the drawing board!

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6 comments on “Dress shopping

  1. There is just something about a white dress.


  2. Ha, ha, Peter got up at 4,30 am too to watch a soccer match! Must have been an important game! I’m glad you had a lovely brunch. Good luck to Miss O 1. Hope she’s going to find the right kind of dress in time. Looks like quite some task!


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