A letter from the Office of the Prime Minister

I am sure the Prime Minister will not mind me sharing the letter I received today from her office. For security reasons, I have blocked out my address and the name of the staff member who signed the letter.

Letter from the Office of the Prime Minister

Letter from the Office of the Prime Minister

As readers know, I am, at the moment, one of those swinging voters. I am pleased to see, despite it being budget week last week, we have a Prime Minister who does communicate with the electorate. While Julia has not read Love versus Goliath, it seems obvious from the letter that someone in her office has read enough of it to personalise the letter.  This is an entirely different approach to that taken by another politician when communicating with me. I draw the comparison merely as something for fellow Australians to think about.

I am very pleased to have Love versus Goliath acknowledged by the Prime Minister of Australia. I wrote this book to draw attention to what happens and the trauma that results. I hope others in senior positions will also see merit in my words.

Thank you, Prime Minister.

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20 comments on “A letter from the Office of the Prime Minister

  1. ”against stiff odds” ( caused by the bureaucrats in the first place ) Our own battle with the Department is over , a victory after 3 1/2 years struggle. PR at last !!!!!!!! Congrats on your book.


  2. Wonderful that you get a response from the PM’s office. Hope she gets to read the book soon.
    By the way, my copy just arrived today, thanks Robyn.


  3. wow congratulations mam!


  4. Very impressive letter. Thanks, Robyn, for letting us know about this response.


  5. Wow! That’s good news. Well done you. :D


  6. Wonderful, I hope she really does read it, preferably next :-)


  7. I can imagine the other Politician’s words only added to your personal suffering. With hope, you are suitably destroyed of it and what better than receiving acknowledgement from the PM. The Political landscape can be tough as you know, for her to show an empathic side is endearing and deserved. Well done!


  8. Congratulations, Robyn. Noteworthy recognition.


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