Putting your LIFE out there

A few weeks ago I wrote about writing a memoir when the memories are fresh.

That was before the physical books arrived for distribution. The eBooks are somehow not quite as real, I understand why some of our readers waited for the paperback, the physical book. Even our Mr O Jnr 2 fanned the pages in front of his nose and said, ” Oh, the smell!”

The Managing Director of my employer bought a book yesterday. Many co-workers have also bought copies. Even my local bottleshop bought a copy. As I said in my previous article (link above) it is scary. I am the same person these people knew yesterday. I haven’t changed, but there are things in the book they did not know about me. For 40 years I rarely mentioned my parents both committed suicide. Now it is “out there”. Will people think it is hereditary? For the record, my GP tells me I am past the age for that to be a risk! Just in case you were wondering!

You see, some days I feel strong. Proud that I’ve had the strength to put it out there, to tell it as it really is.

Other days I feel scared. Today was a “scared” day! What will people think? Will they think less of me because I was driven to the point of wanting to drive my car through the doors of the Melbourne DIAC building in sheer despair? Or will they understand? Will they feel it?

My MD said he would read the book on his next flight, yet this morning he told me he had already started reading it and he is finding it exciting. My immediate reaction was “what does he REALLY think? Is he being honest with me? Or is he just being nice?” Those are the moments of doubt. Then I remember the 5 star Amazon reviews and the wonderful support of of the book by people like Prof McGorry, Michael of the SCIS and Michael of WestVisa and tell myself none of that would be happening if Love versus Goliath did not have merit. I get strong again.

English: Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gil...

English: Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard at a Q & A Session in Rooty Hill, New South Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Memo to those people I work with who have bought the book, I don’t want you to treat me any differently tomorrow than you did yesterday. I have not changed – the difference is now YOU know more about me than you did yesterday. The same applies to all the social media contacts who bought the book. I am the same person I was before you read the book.

Today I posted a copy to the Prime Minister of Australia. While I autographed it, I also popped a separate note in asking that she ensure what we went through NEVER happens again. Will Julia hear me? Will she feel the pain I felt as an Australian?  I don’t know.

I DO know she needs to read it.

My problem today is I don’t think I bought enough copies! People keep buying it! A good problem to have, I know, but finances were restrictive!

Hopefully this book may encourage Australians to think about human and civil rights.  Think about how we treat not only our own citizens, but those who seek sanctuary within our borders.

“For those who’ve come across the seas

We’ve boundless plains to share;

With courage let us all combine

To Advance Australia Fair.”


EDIT: I should add, in fact I am adding, I do not expect every reader to like the book. There are fairly obviously why some will not like it: either they contributed to the situation or they are anti asylum seekers or any number of other reasons. I understand that and it doesn’t bother me. This article was specifically for the readers who see the book as having merit.

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8 comments on “Putting your LIFE out there

  1. It’s incredibly brave to put yourself ‘out there’ in this way – good on you!

    And I have to say, there’s something about having a print copy of a book that makes it ‘real’, as opposed to the evanscence of electrons flickering over a screen. That ‘new glue’ smell on first opening of a box of books made only a few weeks before, absolutely, makes it real.


    • Thank you Matthew. I was actually reading the start of it myself again last night and I think I have read it too often now. I’m thinking of changes to make for a 2nd edition. But I don’t have the energy for that right now – next year maybe! :D


  2. You are indeed a brave woman, to put your feelings and sad past in writing for all to see!
    I do hope Julia Gillard reads your book, and sends you a letter assuring you these things will not happen again. Good luck with the selling..


  3. Bureaucracy! Would Julia Gillard or any politician have any idea how bureaucracy could be handled in a more humane way? I am glad, Robyn, that you persevered and had the strength ‘to put it out there’. The more people get to read about it the more likely it is that eventually some significant changes can be made.


  4. An act of courage, as all good writing is. It’s not easy to tell the truth; the world rarely wants to hear it.


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