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Some weeks are rollercoasters

English: shower head Deutsch: Duschkopf mit st...

English: shower head Deutsch: Duschkopf mit strömenden Wasser (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The week started well. We had good Love versus Goliath book reviews, media coverage and were listed in the Schools Catalogue Information Service.

I had taken Mr O Jnr 2 to the doctor on the weekend with suspected tonsilitis, but the doctor felt he would be OK with rest. He gave me a prescription in case Mr O Jnr 2 didn’t get better.

Not only did the young man not get better, he so very kindly passed his bug on to me. I’ve spent two days at home, with him, us both on antibiotics. We returned to work and school today but I’m not sure it was a great idea!

The incessant heat in Melbourne continues. And continues. We are told we might get a break by NEXT Thursday. But of course there is no such thing as climate change, is there? Of course not.

Mr O got test results back and scored 100%. Take that, Mr Scott Morrison! That cheered our Thursday up a bit lot.

The big bad world has been active this week. Victoria has a new Premier, a footballer was fined for giving an unauthorised interview, Jacqui Tomlins wrote a wonderful article about SRI in schools which I would LOVE to add my thoughts to, but I don’t think the brain will cope. Federal policitcs was … well, the usual really. We have months more to go – can we stand it?

On Wednesday some wonderful government initiative came by to replace our shower head, light globes and install power controllers and draft stoppers.  Now, this is a wonderful initiative. But I’ll be damned if I know who designed the process.

The waste of taxpayers money must be HORRENDOUS!

First the man arrived at the door asking if we wanted it done. Fine, good, please do. Remember I am SICK! I am in bed! I do not want to get up every 2 minutes to answer questions. However, I do and we get through the installation.

Then there are THREE forms to fill out. We do that. Then I have to take a phone call and RECONFIRM over the phone everything I just confirmed on the damn forms!  How many light globes were changed? I don’t know, I didn’t count them. You will have to count them, I am told. WTF? I refuse, explaining I am not well and really do not want to get out of bed yet again! The voice on the phone then tells me he can tell the technician to remove them all. Oh, FFS, why did I ever agree to this? I just want peace and quiet!

How much was all this costing, I wondered? Not the actual initiative to green up the energy usage, but the damn PROCESS! Three different books of forms? Waste of paper – how many trees did that kill? Phone call to confirm everything on the forms? Waste of time and a phone call.

Oh, that wasn’t the end of it. On Thursday, another man comes to the door and wants to inspect all the work. They do a spot check. By now I was over it. I said please, just leave it, I really cannot cope with the interruption. I explained as far as I was concerned the system was atrocious and a terrible waste of money. 

I assume there was data entry involved when all the forms were returned, More staff, more money.

Not to mention, normally I am not home – so do working people miss out on this? I don’t know and I am not up to investigating at this point!

Yes, I accept I was very sick, very grumpy and in a very “just go away” mood, but for goodness sake how many people does it take to change a bloody light globe? When I asked WHY was the process so convoluted, I was asked did I remember the insulation program.  I just shook my head.

I am going to write a complaint letter about the process. While I think the idea is great, the process is SO expensive to administer. Someone is making a profit here and it isn’t me!

So there is my whinge and now I am going back to bed!

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