Oh yes! Its Baaack! Best Australian Blogs

For the third year in a row, I have elected to put myself through the trauma of the Best Australian Blogs competition. Good grief – I’ve been around on the inter webs long enough for this to be my third entry!

For the duration of the competition the nominee badge sits over there on the side bar, but here it is for context!

Best Australian Blogs 2013

You would think I’d have learnt my lesson last year, wouldn’t you? Seems not!

So many wonderful blogs enter, many are people I read: not as regularly as I would like to, but I do when I can. How on earth can I compete with them? I suppose we all have similar thoughts.

If you are an Australian blogger and you don’t know about the competition, pop over to http://www.writerscentre.com.au/bloggingcomp/index.html and enter. What is the worst that can happen? More importantly, what is the BEST that could happen? :D

The official hashtag on Twitter is #bestblogs13 if you want to keep up with the fun/nerves/panic attacks of the contestants. From memory, the organisers have a few panic attacks too – they got a huge number of entries last year, leading to a mad scramble to review them all! From what I see on Twitter the numbers are growing fast this year too and the competition has only been open four days!

This year there is special bait. Random House Australia are sponsoring the competition and judging Love versus Goliath‘s category.  I’m not sure if that is actually bait or just plain terror inducing.  Maybe the latter.

Get your little fingers over there and enter! It is great fun!

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8 comments on “Oh yes! Its Baaack! Best Australian Blogs

  1. […] is the third Best Australian Blogs competition organised by the Australian Writers’ Centre! I have entered in each of those years: 2011, […]


  2. Hi Robyn,
    I thought one could nominate and even vote for their own blog and could actively campaign to have their followers vote for their entry. Isn’t that so or am I misinformed and totally missing the boat? If I’m right then how can that be traumatic (An emotional wound or shock that creates substantial, lasting damage to the psychological development of a person, often leading to neurosis) ? To me it sounds like an exciting opportunity to win a prize. Is it the fact that there are $18,000 worth of prizes, including cash, writing courses and books that makes it emotionally disturbing? Or is it something else?

    P.S. Please forgive me if I’m just dense.


    • :lol: I was trying to be a little humorous! Seems I failed miserably!

      Will reply in more detail tonight! :D

      Sent from mobile


    • There are really to parts to the competition, TT. The main part is judged, not voted. There is a Peoples’ Choice award, which one chooses to enter or not. It operates as a second competition. I’m pretty sure we can’t vote for ourselves! :)

      Then there is a section that is for specific posts, that section is also judged.

      The main competition is judged. The criteria is 70% writing, 20% appearance of the blog and 10% interaction and social media. The entrants are short-listed by the competition organisers and the short-list submitted to the judge of each category.

      So waiting to see if you made the short-list in your category, then waiting for the judging round to finish means lots of nail-biting! :)

      I hope I have made it a little clearer, TT. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be obtuse, I was just trying to inject a little humour into the nervousness of entering for a third time!


  3. Am I missing something? how do I vote for you?


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