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Here is a reader’s review of Love versus Goliath – please visit Archie and read his review in full!

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Australia is having an embarrassing shouting match at the moment.

Despite our reputation as the country of the “Fair Go” we have always had a problem with newcomers. Despite Governments recognising their value to the Nation the average man-in-the-street has always been suspicious of new immigrant groups. Things appeared to be changing forty years ago but since 1996 some of our political leaders have used that suspicion to gain and hold power.

The country of the “Fair Go” has rapidly turned into the country of “Go Away”.

In a world filled with refugees, some of whom are refugees from wars Australia has helped create, we are now a nation of concentration camps filled with terrified, helpless human beings.

“Love Versus Goliath” is the story of one of those people. John Oyeniyi, facing certain death in his Nigerian homeland, was looking to create a safe home for his family elsewhere.

After following…

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