Day 3 of the default drama

We still do not actually have a copy of the bill, but it is coming. Despite the fact we are in no way liable for this $208, we paid it. Sorting it out with the Red Cross and DIAC could take months, which really doesn’t help anything.

Believe it or not, it goes like this. The bank pre-approve the car loan, subject to us paying the $208. I can understand this – it is not the bank’s decision to make about whether we are liable or not. I try to pay the bill. I CAN’T!!! The bill is too old, there was no way on the electricity company’s systems that I could pay it!

At that point I I cried. It was like being back 20 months ago. The tears just ran down my face. I couldn’t stop them. All the pain and fear just seemed to come rushing back. This should not be happened kept ringing in my ears. Again I felt I was drowning.

The young man who manages the electricity company’s Twitter account was wonderful. I have no idea about the rest of the company, but he was lovely.  He organised for the company to open a new account so we could actually pay, then sent me a confirming email I could forward to the bank. Of course, all this took so long we still do not have a final approval stamp from the bank!  He also confirmed the advice I received last night that these things drop off after five years. I knew nothing, of course: I’ve never had such a situation.

There is still the issue of removing the default from Mr O’s name. Five years or not, we don’t want it there, popping up every time we try to so something. The Red Cross have not called me back and I have no response to my email to DIAC. Understandable: these people are out and about as part of their jobs, so I don’t expect an instant response, but that alone is why I ended up having to pay. I can see administrative ping pong for a few months, although I intend to take other advice I received of going to the Banking and Finance Ombudsman.

This has eaten into our budget considerably, of course. Mr O Jnr 1 has been selected to go on the junior camp as a camp leader and the money I just used was earmarked to pay for that. We will manage. we always manage.

At least the immediate problem is solved.  I won’t bore people with the rest of the battle, but everyone has been SO supportive, I felt I owed everyone a semi-final episode!

About Team Oyeniyi

We fought to be together as a team, we are now together as a team. Team Oyeniyi

4 comments on “Day 3 of the default drama

  1. It’s an awful situation. But never despair! Keep plugging away. One of the best pieces of advice I ever read came from a WWII aviator survival manual, but it seems to fit general life rather well. ‘No matter how bleak things seem to be, there is always hope. Do not ever give up.’ It’s true. Good luck!


  2. Hopefully things will be sorted out soon Robyn, don’t despair!


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