Published author or not, the stove still has to be cleaned

So how does it feel to be one of these indie published authors after the dust settles? Sadly, minions don’t fall from the sky and clean the stove or wash the laundry.

Saturday morning saw me doing what needed to be done. Sunday I was out doing the fortnightly shopping.

In other words, nothing much changes, other than NOW there is another lot of stats to fret over! There is this Amazon Best Sellers Rank thing to worry about. Since Friday night I have been as high (low?) as 40,000 and as low (high?) as 60,000. Right now it reads:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #43,682 Paid in Kindle Store

I know enough to know that 40,000 is better than 60,000 but the up and down movement amazes me so I’ve decided it is best not to look at! Plus Amazon themselves say the genre or topic ratings are more meaningful but I don’t seem to have any of those yet! I really don’t know if the number is good, bad or indifferent but given the number of titles available I have figured we are not at the bottom of the pile! :D

We are very grateful for the three 5 star reviews we have received to date. If anyone wonders, no, I have never met two of the reviewers. One is from Portugal and the other from the USA.  They are long-term followers of this website though and were promised advance copies many months ago!

I won’t get real figures for quite some time.

We have been met with the news today that Mr O’s car is in the final death throes and we need to really look at a replacement. NOT exactly something the budget is going to like at all, sadly. Looks like the proper wedding rings will be waiting a while longer.  We entered a competition a while ago to win a car, but of course we didn’t win! :lol: If anyone wants to donate a car to a good cause…..

I have investigated print on demand for a paperback edition and found I think I can afford it, so tonight’s task is to research the file preparation I have to do. I have to get the file “print ready”, whatever that means. First task is to find out exactly what “print ready” preparation entails. Edit: I’ve found out and the instructions did my head in so I’m seeking someone who knows this PDF stuff inside out to HELP!!! PLEASE! :lol:

I joined the Independent Author Network and changed my Goodreads profile to an Author profile.  It has been suggested I issue a press release and I’d love to, but sadly I am not a marketing person and have no idea where to send a press release! Shouldn’t admit that, should I? I’ll find out! I’m admitting it because I’ve had some feedback from readers that they are really learning from my ePublishing journey. If I didn’t add these facts of the journey, I’d feel I was holding back information others may find valuable.

I put a “buy” widget in the side bar but don’t what to do when the other retailers come on-line – link to some links I suppose!

I need a marketing manager! I dislike promotional type tweeting and Facebook statuses and so on!


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2 comments on “Published author or not, the stove still has to be cleaned

  1. I have no idea how those Amazon rankings work – I guess what counts is the audience reach and readership…and the royalty cheque. :-) Hope that all works. The hardest thing, these days, seems to be discovery – the best content in the world can sit there because nobody knows to look for it…and the tools we have to promote it are just as democratised as everything else on ‘Web 2′, rendering all voices of much the same volume. It’s hard to be heard against the noise. Don’t know the answer to that – and, I fear, there may not be one.

    Oh yes, it’s true – publication does NOT get you out of the housekeeping! (I must admit, in our household I usually manage to escape the dishes, but then there’s the laundry, the vacuuming, the ironing…) :-)


    • It makes me feel better that you don’t know what it means either. It got up into the 20,000s this morning, but is back down again tonight! :lol:

      Hard to be heard against the noise is very true.

      All I can do is see what happens!


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