Fun Friday Frolics

I lied. Mr O Jnr 2 and I spent three hours in our wonderful Royal Children’s Hospital. I haven’t been there for years and this is the new, bright and shiny RCH! Even so, not much fun and no frolicking – but it was Friday! Mr O did offer to come with us, but I really couldn’t see a need for two of us to sit in the waiting room for three hours!

Fish Tank

Fish Tank – ED Waiting Room, Royal Children’s Hospital

There is actually a small shark in that fish tank, but do you think I could catch a shot of the shark?  Not a hope!

Day 3 at high school and Mr O Jnr 2 got his knee stood on. Four kids and this was our first trip to the RCH, so I can’t complain!

I came home from work to a young man in pain with a very swollen knee. Hmmmmmmm, I thought: possible kneecap injury, ligament, maybe even a crack. Better get it checked. Hey, I’m a mother – that is what we DO! I also gave the patient a painkiller. Consequently he slept most of the time in the waiting room.

So, three hours, an x-ray and some crutches later we left with a diagnosis of sprained/strained medial collateral ligament. Elevate the leg, ice for ten minutes every four hours. He get’s out of dishes duty for a few days. Hopefully he will be right in about 48 hours and if he isn’t, off to the GP for a check-up.

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This was Mr O Jnr 2’s first experience of an Australian hospital. He was pretty impressed.  Many thanks to the RCH for their usual wonderful care!

Just because I think that darn fish tank is stunning, here is another shot of it! Now to bed for me!



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7 comments on “Fun Friday Frolics

  1. […] O 2′s reaction to being able to visit this big shiny hospital for free was much as Mr O Jnr 2′s reaction had been. Totally wide-eyed wonder, especially at the fish […]


  2. Great post. The injury seems to have been accidental. So this is a relief. And it’s really good your son got lovely care at the hospital. The waiting time? Well, I suppose this is something which is hard to rectify. At least you had very pleasant surroundings. I like all your photos. Thanks for posting.


    • The Children’s has always been nice, but this new one is very swish! Yes, totally accidental – I spoke to the school today though, just so they are aware. After all, I don’t find spending my Friday nights in the hospital much fun!


  3. Looks like a nice place. Casualty at Exeter’s hospital on Friday afternoon/ evening is awful; wait about three and half hours to be seen, whilst sitting among drunks and druggies; not a nice place for kids and in the 14 years we’ve had kids, living in three parts of the UK, that has been the general experience; A&E in the UK is staffed by brilliant dedicated staff who are overworked and largely unappreciated.


    • We have always had a hospital just for children, which I have always lived relatively close to. This is the new hospital, built right next door to the old hospital and I have to say it is really very child friendly. You can, as you say, see that from the décor. Really pretty artwork on doors and walls.

      The staff are wonderful. It is nice not to have to take kids to the adult hospitals, for the very reasons you have highlighted.


  4. “Day 3 at high school and Mr O Jnr 2 got his knee stood on”

    I’m glad he’s going to heal well but what does that actually mean? It sounds like assault to me.


    • I didn’t explain too well I suppose. He was sitting cross-legged getting stuff out of his locker. Guessing other kid tried to step over him and missed, getting his knee.

      School will be told on Monday, because it could easily have been worse.

      Fun times! :cry:

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