Happy Birthday Mr O with a Chocolate Cake baked by Miss O 1

Happy Birthday today to Mr O! As it is mid-week and we are both working our butts off, we aren’t doing anything today other than cards and cake.  We did enjoy a quiet birthday drink and Miss O 1 baked a magnificent chocolate cake which we had as Mr O’s birthday cake.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

Chocolate Birthday Cake

The cake is part of Miss O 1’s Year 12 homework she was required to complete over the holidays. Miss O 1 sourced the recipe here: http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/21815/a+really+good+chocolate+cake.

I am not just bragging about Miss O 1’s cooking skills – this is a magnificent cake! No flour, it contains 300 grams of dark chocolate and 225 grams of ground almonds. We probably could have used a smaller cake tin and made a deeper cake, but either way, this is DELICIOUS!

Miss O 1 had never cooked it before and did a great job. The orange preparation is a little fiddly (I would not have had the patience) but if you want a very moist, absolutely delicious cake and you like almonds, we can certainly recommend this recipe. I’ve linked to it because I didn’t think I should steal it! :)

The ingredients cost us about $30, but that is primarily because we don’t bake a lot around here, so I didn’t have even baking powder. Of course I didn’t have the masses of chocolate required or the ground almonds either.

Chocolate Cake Inside

Chocolate Cake Inside

Over the holidays Miss O 1 had to cook four different food groups. She did roast lamb, fried fish (Nigerian recipe), the chocolate cake and is busy making curried eggs right now.

The noise levels around here tonight are almost rock concert decibels. They are SO excited to be going back to school tomorrow. Sadly, the youngest will have to come to work with me – neither of us can take the day off and she is just a tad too young to stay home alone. She is FURIOUS we won’t let her stay home, but oh well!  Mr O Jnr 2 is SUPER excited as this is his first day at high school.  There is no such thing as Mr O and I having any quiet time tonight (just as well we went to dinner on Saturday night), so after cake and that quiet drink, he retired to his much loved soccer and calls from relatives and I am popping back and forth between the kitchen (keeping an eye on the eggs progress) and the computer.

School can’t come soon enough!

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8 comments on “Happy Birthday Mr O with a Chocolate Cake baked by Miss O 1

  1. Happy Birthday to Mr. O!
    I have some caching up to do. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while.


  2. Happy Birthday to you, Mr O! That chocolate cake looks scrumptious – bet it didn’t last long!


  3. I was already dribbling and then I saw the lindt orange chocolate, now Robyn it’s just too cruel, I’m dieting!


  4. Happy birthday to MR O. That chocolate cakes looks good, a great outcome for the first attempt. I have saved the recipe, as it is gluten free. In WA schools go back on the 4th February, so a few more days holiday.


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