Frank’s Seafood Bistro

One of our favourite restaurants is changing hands. Frank is retiring after 31 years!

Seafood Bonanza for two

Seafood Bonanza for two

I have eaten at Frank’s off and on for probably 15 years. My old friend that now lives in the USA (a spouse visa going out of Australia) held a dinner there when they got married. Delicious.

A couple of weeks ago Mr O and I went out for a kid-free few hours. It had been a while since we’d had a date night and knowing Mr O likes seafood, I thought Frank’s might be just the ticket! It was certainly a hit with Mr O!

We ordered the above Bonanza. I should point out there was a smaller cold platter before the above banquet! Neither of us could move afterwards. I apologise for the quality of the photos – phones are not the best cameras, but I had to take a snap! If you click on the photo below, you will be taken to the Bistro website with a MUCH better photo!

Frank's Seafood Bistro

Frank’s Seafood Bistro

We decided to pop out for a couple of hours tonight. Mr O is working overtime Sunday and Monday, so we won’t see much of each other. Time alone is important! :D

Mr O wanted to go back, just reckoned we should not eat as much this time!

At least that was the plan! Mr O ordered Fritto Misto, a dish of selected prawns, scallops, calamari and fish lightly crumbed & deep fried, with the best chips you have ever tasted.

I ordered the grilled Atlantic salmon served on buttery mash potato and pan-fried spinach with a cream & pesto reduction. No chips for me, but  I did steal one or two of Mr O’s chips.

No photos! Verdict? Delicious! We were both “full” again, but at least we could still move this time! I’m not a food critic, so I’m not even going to attempt to describe the flavours like the fancy professionals do, or to compete with the descriptions on Master Chef.

All I will say is if you like seafood, visit Frank’s Seafood Bistro. You won’t be disappointed.

We wish Frank all the best in his retirement and will hold the new owner to the standards we have become accustomed to!

The staff, who are all staying, are lovely. Service with a genuine smile and friendliness.  Josie has been there for 19 years and confirmed that, like us, many of the customers are regulars.

Casual, friendly, great food, local. What more could you ask for? :D


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7 comments on “Frank’s Seafood Bistro

  1. Beautiful food. Thanks for sharing. I am glad you enjoyed your food so very much.


  2. […]  There is no such thing as Mr O and I having any quiet time tonight (just as well we went to dinner on Saturday night), so after cake and that quiet drink, he retired to his much loved soccer and calls from relatives […]


  3. That’s a huge plate of food even for two! the menu is huge as well, looks good :-)


    • It was huge! And remember we’d had the cold platter before that! No wonder we couldn’t move afterwards. We decided two platters would do 6 of us if we ever managed to take all of us to dinner!


  4. Sounds like a great restaurant, with the same owner for 31 years and a member of staff for 19, who is staying on…The salmon dish sounds like the type of thing I would have ordered too.


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