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I was sitting out on the back porch in the Sunday sunshine, just thinking. I thought I’d share my musings for no other reason than Sundays seem like good musing days.

On January 17 I wrote about my Liberal Party membership.  Within a couple of days it had reached almost 1,000 page views and had been shared all over the place and I still do not understand why. To me this wasn’t major news, it was just my personal experience of the state of politics and my personal feelings. Why would anyone be interested? I was amazed!

A week before, on January 10 I had written about Ranjini, encouraging people to write to ASIO directly. That article I did promote heavily myself and even asked others to promote because I feel very strongly about that case. Yet it has clocked up  only 633 views as of today. I recognise I was probably asking people to step out of a comfort zone of sorts.

I sat on my porch wondering why what (to me) was really an unimportant article was so much more popular (or unpopular, I suppose, depending on the reader’s reason for reading in the first place) than the really important article! I’ll never know. I suppose partly it is because I seem to have accumulated quite a few very politically minded followers, but I also have a lot of human/civil rights type followers.

Both articles spoke of a person doing something as an individual.  In the Ranjini case we have many people supporting the fight to have her released from detention but it seems people may feel more comfortable taking action in large groups, such as signing a petition (which I believe had 30,000 signatures) or attending a rally. Is it that we don’t feel as if we will stand out if we act in concert with a number of others?

Then I got attacked on one social media platform for writing the Liberal Party membership article and  when I responded, the person didn’t like the response. Why is it that people feel they can attack, abuse and be obnoxious then are surprised if the person attacked responds? For goodness sake, that is just illogical!

I don’t expect us all to have the same views about anything or everything. Yet one thing that has astounded me of late has been the reactions I see to the Lance Armstrong saga. The Redneck Princess wrote her feelings in When there is no integrity.  Integrity. I like that word.

I’m not going to write how I feel about that particular saga, other that to say the variety of reactions I see intrigues me. The human condition. We all see things, even something like this, quite differently. Yet I would expect we would all have the same perspective on this particular one. I am naive! :)  I can understand people having different views over the Ranjini case. In the Lance case I have trouble accepting different views: this is a matter of a person’s character and while I agree there is no black and white in life, this case is, to me, pretty clear cut. I’ll be damned if I know how anyone can feel they won something if they cheated. Maybe it is just me.

One of my other passions is the planet. Yesterday I mused about what the hell are we doing to it. Yes, I only mused, I didn’t have any wonderful scientific discovery to announce  or a miracle solution that will allow humans to keep consuming while not destroying the planet. I just thought I’d see more interest in talking about the future of the species! After all, many of us are not scientists or politicians and we do think about it…..don’t we? If we aren’t thinking about it, we damn well should be! We can’t leave it up to others entirely to determine our future direction, we have to be involved. I certainly thought talking about the planet’s health was MUCH more important that whether I renewed a political membership!

So I muse. I think. Now it is time to muse about feeding the “starving hoards”  of teenagers around here. I hope your Sunday is a pleasant one! :D

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6 comments on “Musing about stuff

  1. My most popular posts are the ‘spamfighting’ ones or ‘dating disasters’. I guess that shows my readers have sadist tendencies…


  2. Hey I’m with you girl on what’s important and what ain’t! heading over to the climate change post now !


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