Learning a new dance

This damn trying to get a book published is a very strange dance.

It goes like this.

Just a jump to the right: I email off submission to company, being ultra careful to follow the rules.

A step to the left: I follow company on social media (author rumour tells me this is OK).

Hands on hips: Publisher of said company follows me on social media.

Bring your knees in tight: I follow publisher person.

A step to the ????? : Buggered if I know!

Do I say “Hi, thanks for the follow” or “Oh, I’m so excited you followed me!” or nothing at all? Yes, well, we all know the middle option isn’t exactly my style, don’t we? :razz:

Then I wonder about the actual dance floor. Some of the other dancers cause me to raise my eyebrows: not sure how my dress would look next to theirs.

Do I even publish this musing nonsense? What if I insult the new follower? What if that person is thinking “YES! Found my 2013 best seller” and I frighten said person away? Oh, well, if person is THAT easy to frighten, will never handle the book anyway.

Then there is the beta reader feedback. One would like more photos. Done! Another wants a section compressed, but yet another doesn’t want same section compressed.

Compress, don’t compress. *Tears hair out*

Yes, folks – this publishing dance IS a Rocky Horror show sometimes.

This article is dedicated to my fellow author and internet buddy, MJ Cache. She knows who she is and why this is for her! 

About Team Oyeniyi

We fought to be together as a team, we are now together as a team. Team Oyeniyi

12 comments on “Learning a new dance

  1. I had a brief dance with one agent and one publisher over ‘To Kill Or Be Killed’ back in 2010, well I say brief, but I danced to their tune and followed their feet for about a year I think and then they said no thank you. It’s a dance alright; Boogie Wonderland!


  2. take your time and believe and it will happen..


  3. Keep it up… All good! :-) Best wishes in the days and months to come… Ask your hubby: one thing Nigerians are – loyal friends… We might disappear for a long minute, caught up in our own struggle, but we never take friendships lightly… I might not live there but I am still my father’s daughter. When we connected, I saw you as a sister not only as a blog friend. My absence has nothing to do with your blog and more to do with my offline demands…
    Love to the family! :-)


  4. Have you ever thought of self-publishing the book to the web. Perhaps it’s more a matter of telling the “dancer from the dance” than engaging in it in the first place. There are sites I believe where you can publish and get read and based on the number of reads & reviews the publisher will take you on? Just an idea..


    • Definitely, Peter. That is about a week away. I am holding off pending a meeting with an Australian publisher. Introduction is being organising by a colleague. If that falls through or isn’t fruitful, I am ePublishing.

      I’m holding off because I’d like the process of professional editing and the other skills that come with the traditional route.


  5. Bawawawawa *still chuckling*


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