The Telstra calls resolved

On December 18 last year I lodged a complaint with the Telecommunications Ombudsman.

Yesterday I had a call from the Complaints Department of Telstra. Thankfully this time I did not get the “nothing will change” member of staff! I was called by a very nice man!

I won’t go through the whole lengthy conversation, but I will mention a couple of interesting points.

First time around the story, looking at my records, he ALSO said no, they are bogus calls, not Telstra calls, etc etc.

Then he mentioned Telstra having called me on December 24th and another date. Ummmm no. Oh! Further investigation revealed those dates were “record created” dates and it is taking about 10 days for the records to show up. The “created” date of the call record was December 24th, the actual call date (interaction date) was many days earlier.

He also agreed the system shouldn’t have been chasing me anyway!  He understood my concerns about the nature of the calls and the fact I got three different answers from three different phone calls to Telstra trying to resolve the issue.

He has undertaken to raise my concerns through the internal review system and also follow up why the interaction records take so long to update in the system. Clearly that is why the young lady I spoke to on the Saturday knew nothing about the calls and also advised me they were bogus.

A good result, which highlighted some awful systems problems within Telstra! This experience does illustrate if the answers don’t sound right – keep trying!

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7 comments on “The Telstra calls resolved

  1. […] wrote a while ago about these, when I received some from Telstra which took forever to sort out.  Yesterday I received some more from another company. The problem was these were made to both my […]


  2. P.S. I broke up with Testra years ago.

    Take, take, take – that’s all she does.

    I’m with Virgin. Good relationship and so much cheaper.


  3. TEAM O! Hey, I’m back!

    My son is doing soooooo much better *wipes sweat off from brow* phew!

    So I decided to do the thing I really didn’t wanted to do, that I was utterly opposed to, and self publish… and hey, it’s not so bad. My stuff is out there now.

    Done, now… off to get a real job.

    How’s your book coming along?

    P.S Thanks for emailing me. I really appreciated it. Your tops.

    Mel x


    • Welcome back! Glad to hear your son is on the mend, that is great news!!

      How did the self-publishing go? I am getting very close to considering the same thing, have one more publisher to try first though.

      Who did you go with? I’m looking at BookBaby!

      Have you restarted your blog? *pops over to see* :)


      • I went with Amazon (very low-cost) but I needed a foreign bank account. Luckily for me, one of my daughters live in the UK and I used her bank account details. No Aussie banks listed and if you don’t provide bank account details you can’t publish with them. I know! Its leaving out the the Aussie authors from their publishing platform -*shakes head in condemnation* but I found it easy to do… and I’m a complete techno-incompetant.
        Yes, I started another blog but I’ll be keeping it pretty simple.
        You must blog about BookBaby – I have never heard of it.


      • Interesting you needed a foreign bank account. I’m not sure if I will or not need an O/S bank account yet with BookBaby, but I’ll let you know and yes, I will write about if I go ahead.

        Your old blog name is still attached to your ID when commenting – you might want to think about changing that! :)

        Good luck with sales!


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